In general sense, starting a new business or venture means lots of investment. Even if you want to start online business, lot of efforts for purchasing merchandise, employing staff for managing merchandise, renting a warehouse, building up the market, dealing with customers, accepting orders, processing order by packing and shipping the ordered items and finally managing returns and refunds are required. The new business idea is the concept of dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business where the business owner does not have to buy, stock & ship the merchandise. Instead the business owner gets access to the data feed of wholesalers or manufacturers merchandise. He needs to sell the item and have the item shipped directly by the dropshipper to the customer.

My Online Fashion Store are the US fashion dropshippers that are offering huge range of products under dropshipping program. They source the items from local manufacturers that ensures its good quality and US sizes. They also provide the services of packing, quick shipping, free returns and customer service through phone, email and live chat. There are many reasons why drop shipping works and is ideal for those starting a new business. One of the main reasons is that one does not have to invest a lot of money to start the business on things like buying inventory, leasing a warehouse to stock the merchandise, hire employees to process, pick, pack & ship the orders. One just need to enroll with the dropship program of the dropshipper and sell the product. The difference between the cost of the item and price of reselling the item will be the profit to keep.

Mainly two type of dropshipping programs are offered by My Online Fashion Store, one is standard subscription plan and the other one is shopify app membership plan. Both the plans are available with the option of turnkey website solution. The most popular product range of dropshipping by My Online Fashion Store is Dropship clothing. The clothing range of My Online Fashion Store is really huge, it includes, tops, dresses, bottoms, jumpsuits, sets, outer wears, sleep wears, basics, active wear, socks and underwears etc. The main advantage with My Online Fashion Store is that all the US sizes including Plus sizes of all the products are also available. Moreover, other products like jewelry, shoes, accessories etc are also available at My Online Fashion Store for dropshipping. Dropshipping is the most promising concept of the current scenario.

My Online Fashion Store, being a dropshipper, keeps on upgrading the inventory with latest products and it also frequently replenishes the stock of fast-moving products. Hence, there won’t be any instance of shortage of inventory. For more product details and dropshipping details please visit at My Online Fashion Store.

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