A success plan for pain-free living: an antidote for the opioid crisis

As most people know, there is an opioid crisis in America. Not well known is that opioids have been one of the most common prescribed medications in America for several decades.

My friend and colleague Dr. John Rosa is an opioid crisis expert and functions as a White House Surrogate/Consultant and a Law Enforcement Consultant (Homeland Security, DOJ, DEA). He was asked by Jack Canfield’s people to write a chapter for Jack’s new book to be released in early 2019 entitled The Recipe for Success. As I have spent many years writing about pain and inflammation, he invited me to coauthor the chapter with him.

The average savvy individual has high hopes for the future. At
age 25 or earlier, many highly-motivated people already have
organized plans for achieving success and financial freedom
before they are 50 years old. Never in these great plans do people
set up goals for developing chronic pain, disease, disability,
and addiction to opioids or other medications – such negative
considerations do not remotely enter the planning and this is
because when we are young, we cannot easily conceptualize our
physical health status years into the future and how it will affect
our lives.

A problem for many people is that they actually plan to develop
chronic aches, pain, and disease, without knowing it, by pursuing chronic inflammation. Several unhealthy lifestyle factors robustly promote chronic inflammation, those being inadequate sleep, stress, sedentary living, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, BY DR. JOHN ROSA & DR. DAVID SEAMAN

A SUCCESS PLAN FOR PAIN-FREE LIVING 25 and an unhealthy diet. These many pro-inflammatory lifestyle choices are easy to adopt as a consequence of working long hours and getting wrapped up in all of the responsibilities people take on as they march toward financial success.

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