Most commonly abused substances in Louisiana

Cocaine (powdered)
Crack cocaine
Prescription Drugs

Substance abuse facts
6 percent of the state budget goes to substance abuse concerns
97 cents for every dollar spent on substance abuse concerns go towards dealing with the consequences of addiction with only 3 cents going towards prevention and treatment
Louisiana ranks 19th in the number of drug overdose deaths per year. This leads to many drug rehab centers in louisiana
Police estimate that around 75 percent of homicides in New Orleans are drug-related.
Louisiana has the highest murder rate anywhere in the country, many of these are assumed to be drug-related.
In most years drug-related offenses greatly outnumber any other offense in Louisiana.

The State is with 6th highest opioid prescription-per-capita rate in the country. However, this number is down from 2013, when there were 5,497,900 filled prescriptions for opioids in the state.
Due to the overdose of multiple drug consumption in the state, most of the people in Louisianians died in 2016.
Opiates were involved in most overdose cases, along with fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic opioid that is growing in availability.

This figure represents children ages 12 to 17. Illicit drug use doesn’t affect adults exclusively. Oftentimes, vulnerable youth fall prey to substance abuse and addiction, as was the case in Louisiana.
The Louisiana city saw a record-shattering amount of deaths in 2016, which exceeded the number of homicide deaths (174) for that year. In New Orleans, it has been recorded an increase of 129% death rates due to a drug overdose.

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