When you wish to create your web presence, in simple words when you wish to create your website you look for a perfect platform. At the present time, there are two most popular and feature rich platforms, it’s Wordpress on one hand and Drupal on the other. Both the platforms have their own unique features and making a choice is quite hard. In addition to this, both the platforms offer easy and proper management of content and site. Herein are a few points that might elaborate the features of both the platforms.


Wordpress never runs short of new themes. It has a strong online community; therefore, the themes are updated constantly for meeting the dynamics of the cyberspace. Drupal, on the other hand does not offer much themes in comparison with Wordpress. However, in Wordpress every time you require a new theme, you need to search it through the internet. On the other hand, Drupal facilitates you with the option to customize your own theme as per your requirement.


If you are looking for a simple designed and light featured website, then Wordpress is the platform to go with. But in case you want extensive features and heavy design for your website, then Drupal will serve your needs. Drupal supports complex designs and facilitates your website with ample features.


Drupal is an open source content management system that offers maximum customization. Unlike Wordpress, Drupal allows its user to explore and utilize CMS as per their specific requirements. Designs and themes are open to customization; this feature is not completely available in Wordpress.

Nature of the site

Wordpress is one of the best options if you are looking for a blog type website. However, if you are planning an ecommerce website, then Drupal modules and other related solutions can render a helping hand.

Basically Wordpress is considered as user friendly, it’s easy to use, easy to start with. Light features and simple designs attract many users. However, if we consider it from a programmer’s point of view, then Drupal might appear as one of the best solutions. Heavy features, customization and complex design; programmer can’t afford to miss all these attributes in a single platform.

Further, if you are a start up, then Wordpress could be the platform to learn. Many a times users start with Wordpress and after understanding the basics of the web space, they gradually shift to Drupal. As mentioned earlier, Wordpress is easy to start as it’s easy to understand. But there are instances, wherein users don’t shift to any other platform. The simplicity of Wordpress maintains a grip on the user.

Still, if one if one is asked that which one out of the two platforms is better? The answer depends on the requirement of the user. For understanding or selecting the platform or solution for your website, you need to understand the nature of your business. The nature and requirements of your organization help you in selecting the perfect platform.

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