A little daub of butter can transform dry toast, popcorn or baked potatoes into an instant delicacy. A different kind of butter could bring the same kind of transformation to the penis. Shea butter, made from the extract of the seeds of the Shea tree, is a key ingredient in any penis care regimen, as it can deliver healing right where men might need it most.

Nature’s Moisturizer

Shea butter originates in Africa, and here, people have used the product for centuries in order to smooth and soften skin. Making the product has also been a boon for local economies in Africa, as a team of workers is needed to make even a tiny amount of salve. Picking, roasting, shelling and grinding the nuts produces a thick and creamy paste that is then collected, shaped and hardened. It's a labor of love in many communities, and the resulting product has some amazing properties.

Shea butter is a natural fat, and as a result, it has the ability to penetrate and soften skin. The oils in the product can work like a barrier to future moisture loss, sealing in the moisture that exists and locking that fluid in place, so future damage doesn't occur. The act of smoothing on Shea butter can also be soothing to damaged skin, as each little swipe takes away dead cells that float to the top of the tissue. Removing these damaged cells allows new cells to come to the surface, and this new skin is softer and much more responsive than the dead tissue that's been pulled away.

Scientists also suggest that products with Shea butter can reduce inflammation levels in damaged skin cells. The specific amino acids inside these products can boost the body's ability to heal, and as a result, the swelling and pain associated with an injury disappears just a little bit faster. While Shea butter isn't always recommended for skin that's openly abraded and bleeding, studies like this suggest that it could be a key ingredient for skin that's knitted together and on the mend once more.

Key for Penis Health

While most men think of their penis with reverence, they may treat that same organ with a little carelessness. Harsh detergents, rough play and tight clothing can all lead to:

  • Tiny scratches
  • Patches of scarred skin
  • Areas of deadened sensitivity
  • Pockets of inflammation

Skin like this may not respond to light touches at all, or on the flip side, the skin can be intensely sensitive, to the point of pain. Deadened cells on the penis can also lead to a fishy odor, as well as a nasty, rough texture that no one really wants to interact with at all. It can be a blow to a guy's ego, to be sure, when a partner views the Penis with a bit of revulsion, but that could happen if a guy's self-care techniques aren't quite up to par.

Products containing Shea butter can help to smooth the rough patches and buff away the dead tissue. Products like this may also have an intrinsically pleasant odor that can help to dispel the whiff of decay that an untended penis can put out. In time, as the skin heals, that scent may be gone altogether.

Using it Right

Shea butter may be excellent for penis health, but it can also be just a little greasy. A guy who slathers his member in the stuff could be left with a telltale grease spot in the center of his lap, and explaining that circle to onlookers could be a little difficult. That's why most men look for a penis health crem (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains Shea butter. These products can soften and soothe, but they also have other ingredients that can help the Shea to penetrate quickly and deeply, leaving no embarrassing spots behind.

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