Duck egg blue is a color of classic culture, it is creative and evocative nature responds to our thirst for magnificence. This gorgeous color is usually a watery dreamy grey blue that has a slight green tinge – good for individuals who enjoy a distinct acquire on blue.

Duck egg blue is common color for cottage style dining rooms and is going to be far more of a reduction on the male population. This color requires light so go easy on your window treatment options - light fabrics for curtains or white Venetian blinds that reflect the light to the room. Where will you use this color?

You may use this color on quite a few points, for example:


If you've a stairwell, then it may be an idea to break it in two with wall paper for the bottom half of your wall, after which it paint the top half of your wall. It will give your wall a beautiful effect. A duck egg blue appears to be like good. You can use a textured wall paper at the bottom half which has a neutral pattern incorporating the blue, and then use a plain duck egg blue over the rest from the wall for the top.


Consider portray current furniture which includes a cottage style dresser which prides itself on elegance. Acquire the color more with accessories - duck egg blue table and/or dinnerware, china-ware displayed over a focal wall or cushions for dining chairs.

Carpet or Rug

Because of towards the pleasant results of this unique shade, it's extensively utilized in household items which include carpet or rugs. Rugs immediately spruce up the flooring leaving behind the stunning accent to the room. Rugs are obtainable in innumerable shades, shapes, sizes at the same time as designs that give comprehensive touch to your home décor.

Duck egg rug is actually an excellent decision, cool duck egg rug and fairly rose pink presents a frothy admixture of style and elegance. Your living room with this color generation elevates the readers to cloud nine. Sustain the freshness of this mix.

You may select duck egg rug you'll like in shapes like round, square, octagon, rectangle as well as specific designer shapes like heart, diamond and holiday linked shapes. Choose your shape and create the room of your dreams.

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