Examination of ventilation allows you to avoid a decrease in the intensity of air flow, the creation of an infectious-dangerous environment in the premises and the occurrence of fires as a result of the ignition of fat deposits. The company "Vent-cleaning" conducts a survey of the ventilation of apartment buildings, offices and private households using the most modern equipment. Better not do it yourself, hire professionals by type https://ozonservices.com

What are the stages of a ventilation survey?

The features of the examination procedure for chimneys and ventilation ducts depend on the goals set for the inspectors:

technical inspection;
sanitary inspection;
system performance evaluation.
inspection of ventilation systems

The most comprehensive is a comprehensive survey of ventilation in an apartment or office, which consists of the following steps:

study of design and technical documentation;
visual inspection of system components;
conducting sanitary research, studying the epidemiological hazard;
inspection of the technical condition of the ventilation ducts;
conducting analytical studies and calculations;
drawing up the act.

Complex studies are not always necessary. Sanitary-epidemiological inspections of flue and ventilation ducts, fasteners, the performance of active components and the search for pollution are most often carried out. Depending on the list of detected vulnerabilities, a decision is made to clean the canals or to make a scheduled repair. Upon completion of the inspection of the ventilation system, the owner receives a technical report on the state, which reflects all the necessary nuances.

Frequency of inspection of inlet ventilation
Routine inspection of ventilation ducts in an apartment building is carried out once every three months. As a rule, during this time the system accumulates pollution, which reduces the actual cross-section of the air ducts and, accordingly, the inflow of fresh air. Extraordinary checks are carried out in the event of extraneous noise, violations of the inflow / outflow of air or the failure of individual components.

Cost of inspection of ventilation ducts and chimneys
The price of a ventilation survey depends on the size and complexity of the work. If we are talking about checking the ventilation ducts in the apartment, the price will be minimal. At the same time, a survey of the ventilation systems of apartment buildings requires the involvement of a large number of specialists and equipment, which, accordingly, affects the cost of the procedure.

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