Norway is a wonderful country full of tradition and culture. Here you will some cultures and traditions that you cannot find anywhere in the world. Dugnad is one of those cultures. It is the culture through which the people of Norway get to know each other by helping their neighbors and attending social work.

From the 14th and 15th centuries, people have been following this tradition and it has now become one of the most popular cultures in Norway. All of the people of Norway have to participate in this if he or she wants to love in society without feeling any awkwardness.

Actually, if anyone wants to describe the culture of Norway in one word, then it will be Dugnad. It means volunteering is social work. This voluntary work is done to make the community even better by cleaning the country together, helping the neighbors in bigger tasks, contributing to the clubs, or community, or doing work together in school or kindergarten.

Benefits of Dugnad
There are a lot of benefits to it. You cannot even imagine how simple four day culture makes the country better and better day by day. When you work with your neighbors together and help them in achieving something, you build a great relationship with them. As a result, the bonding between you and your neighbors become better.

In addition to that, when you contribute to the society or club or team, you show your responsibility towards the team, society or community. It gives you mental satisfaction and at the same time, makes the team or community better. Also, when you help unprivileged people, they get a chance to make their life better.

Moreover, on that day, the country starts becoming look beautiful all the people start cleaning their houses, schools, or community. As a result, within a day, the whole country becomes cleaner and looks beautiful at the same time, the country is decorated with flags and branches of trees. This is done to make the country even more beautiful and to bring a festive look.

If you are a part of Norwegian culture, you have to follow this tradition. You should contribute to the society where you are living in, what you are part of. This is an amazing culture Norway has built over the last few centuries. And this amazing wonderful volunteering work makes the country even better. If you want to know more about it, please read more on

Dugnad is a great voluntary work that everyone should be a part of. Not only in the Norway but also in our country, it should be celebrated. If we can do these kinds of volunteering tasks, we can make our country better as well. In this era of technology where every people come together virtually, everyone is going separated physically. So it can be a good practice to bring that social harmony once again in our culture and society.

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