Dumbbell weights have always been popular with individuals and trainers as a way to build muscle tissue and lose body fat. There are so many different ways to use Dumbbells in order to achieve your goals to build muscle, get fit and lose weight.

There are other products on the market like resistance machines and for some people these can be helpful but they are very limited and adustment to a persons height and body weight is poor.

While you can always get creative and use your dumbbells in any way that works best for you, below are some basic exercises to get you started. Traditionally, dumbbell exercises are divided into different groups, based upon the various muscle groups within the body. This same concept is followed here, providing you with an easy reference point.

Lets first take a look at the standard Chest Exercises

These exercises are very popular with people who are want to build muscle in the upper part of the body. The best way to do these exercises is by lying flat on your work bench whilst holding your dumbbell weights above your chest. Before you do this make sure you are familiar with the weights as dropping them from this position will hurt!. Now push the weights upwards and return to the chest position and repeat the process.

Shoulder Exercises

Sit on your flattened exercise bench exactly as you would if you were sitting in a chair. Lift your dumbbells up over your head, keeping your back as flat as possible. The dumbbells should then be lowered so they are in line with your shoulders. Hold briefly in this position (arms at 90 degrees) and then lift the dumbbells back up again for a repeat. Lateral raises are another shoulder exercise that is great for someone who has been lifting for a short while. Standing up, bend your knees slightly and have the dumbbells down at your sides. Bend your elbows just enough to raise the dumbbells out to your sides until your arms are raised to shoulder's length. Continue back down until your arms are parallel to the floor, and then repeat.

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