The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from the old ones.? - John Maynard Kynes

I am empowered by how many of us today constantly try to change our habitual patterns. For better new and more profound ways. However sometimes patterns of thoughts from our past hold us back. Sometimes gently and sometimes furiously.

We, as humans like to think that this is the good ol' Devil putting some nasty spell on us, that some dark mournful cloud is being cast upon us! It is easier for us to believe and blame someone or something that is apart from us. It all seems better when we do so.

However most often than not it is someone or something that has left behind a memory that brings anger, and defensiveness to our spirit. Sometimes this anger can deprive our behavior towards our new friends and even our new lovers. Thus creating old cycles.

The first step is to forgive him, her, and yourself. Then just let it go. Don't let the poison fester.

Remember that each day is a gift and to enjoy it fully we must be free and joyful in our spirit. Wish no one evil for evil but wish them healing.

Sometimes it is hard to change our own thoughts and patters. We are too close to it. This is a very specialized area that I and my angel guide can help you with .

If you desire to make that change then it can take a little while to implement itself. However Take the first step and that is to recognize what needs to be changed. So today if you would like to have a session with us give us a call and see what our higher guides have to say about letting go and Letting God.

Be free to enjoy you,your Life and your love.

May the peace and joy of the universe be with you now and always.
Dilani Diva

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Dilani Diva is a spiritual medium who specializes in the areas of - Love, Relationships, Life path readings and Life Coaching. She has used her gift to help others gain clarity and direction in their lives and reach their higher way of thought. She specializes in human relationship readings. Her psychic readings are meant to give you direction in handling your life's events in order to achieve you goals. She is firm believer of the higher spirit ( who you may call God ) but encourages others to seek their own paths of wisdom.

Her special gifts are. Musician, Classical music performer - royal schools , mediumship( spiritual readings ( great cook - smile ) author and poet.
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