Eating well is paramount to good wellbeing and there are certain parts of the world which are quite famous for their rich food tradition. Netherlands and Belgium are such places that are renowned for their traditional as well as modern foods. Though they are not as popular as France or India for their meals, yet several delicious and savory Dutch foods have a fascinating long history.

Pickled herring, thick broth, potato dishes, and Rijsttafel, which is a traditional meal with small servings of the spicy and flavorful local dishes, just begin to spring in mind whenever we think about Dutch foods. But Dutch foods are not only limited to these dishes, and there are several other kinds of dishes that have emerged as modern Dutch dishes. With the addition of some regional as well as continental recipes, now modern Dutch sweets are becoming a favorite of a considerable number of people, and they are looking for some restaurants and places where they can get the best of Dutch candy. Vegetables and legumes are also the central part of most Dutch recipes.

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