Operations management is a crucial job in every business, it holds the responsibility of handling and controlling the business operations for business growth. For that task, the operations manager is hired to take care of the entire operations and bring them on track for higher productivity.

Before applying for a job, it's essential to go through its roles and responsibilities. If you are looking for operation jobs in San Francisco, this will help you learn more about the job profile.

When we talk about the tasks of an operation manager, it is categorized in terms of duties and responsibilities. The entire operations being held in a company are cared for or handled by the operations manager.

So, without any delay, let's take a look at the duties and responsibilities of an Operations Manager:

Manage the operations team to achieve targets

In the private sector, achieving your targets is essential. Your entire KRA depends upon the efforts you put to conclude the results. As an operations manager, you are required to manage your operations team to achieve your business targets. Team handling is a crucial task that needs to be done smartly, without compromising the team's capabilities.

Handling business operational activities

To ensure the business operations are running well and they are delivering positive results, the operations manager is expected to provide valuable assistance and update the standard procedures whenever required. You have complete liberty to make changes to the existing operations procedure to make it work for the company and deliver fruitful results at the end.

Build customer relationships

Handling the customers is a crucial task that every operations manager needs to perform and ensure no negative response is received at the end. This requires developing a healthy relationship with the customer and curb all the queries with positive and productive results. This way, you omit not only the complaints against the company but also boost customer loyalty towards your brand.

Track employee’s performance and reward them accordingly.

Tracking every employee is another big responsibility that an operations manager needs to perform at his/her designation. The operations manager assists in evaluating the employee's performance based on the task allotted, and the job accomplished. Based on the report, assistance in appraisal, promotions, and even termination is given to the HR department.

Guidance to staff.

To ensure the entire office is running in a planned manner, the operations manager requires delivering guidance to the staff, whenever needed. There are varied situations when the team lacks leadership, whether it's about their personal growth or something related to management. Operational support, as well as counselling, is also provided whenever the team lacks somewhere in their efforts.

Assistance in operating capital budget.

Every month, a capital sum is allotted to the office management team that can be used for various tasks, including appraisals, business growth, and any paid promotions, if required. Based on the current business position, operations manager assists in handling the capital budget and use it in a better way.

Assistance in recruitment and training.

Whether your company requires new joining at different job profiles or is offering skill development training to the college students, your aid is essential in selecting the right candidate for the job profile. As an operations manager, you can use your social connections to find the best suitable candidate for the open job profile in your company.

Conduct performance review.

Feedback and performance review of every employee is an essential aspect required to ensure the business is investing in the right asset and is receiving the required appreciation. The operations manager is responsible for delivering assistance in evaluating the employees’ performance and appraises them whenever they deserve it.

Maintain the company's decorum.

With time, it's essential to remind the employees about the rules and policies of the company, which makes it easy to maintain a proper decorum within the office. The operations manager is core responsible for maintaining that decorum and educates the employees about the company policies and its associated changes.

Conduct team gathering.

An operations manager is also the core person who ensures that every employee of the company is delivering the best of their potential for the company's growth. For that, the manager is responsible for conducting meetings at a regular interval of time. He/she also listens to the issues being faced by the employees that affect their project deliveries and in the end, affects the business profit.

These are the primary duties and responsibilities that every operations manager needs to follow from the day of the appointment. If you can serve these responsibilities, you can easily crack the interview and get your dream job.

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