A wedding is a very traditional event which finds its reflection in a variety of rituals and ceremonies that accompany it. Obviously, choosing a bridesmaid can be treated as the best manifestation of one of its rituals. It is common practice to choose for a bridesmaid someone from a family. However, it is possible to grant this title to someone outside your family circle too, for example, the best friend if a bride has such a wish. Holding a position of a bridesmaid is an honor and fun, but this title imposes some obligations on you. Recently, though, many untrue convictions have emerged as to real duties of the maid of honor.

What are duties of the bridesmaid in real? Certainly, first and foremost obligation of a bridesmaid is to lend a helping hand to a bride. Hence, you are to help a bride to pick the most fabulous wedding gown, aid her search to find the best place for a reception venue, help her to create the list of guests and design invitations, prepare reception venue and church decorations and, so on. These are just some of many obligations of the maid of honor. Her help cannot be undermined with reference to the organization of the wedding as her contribution is great in every respect. A bride can especially experience that the part of her burden is relieved of her shoulders. Also, a bridesmaid is responsible for organizing a bridal shower as well as the bride-to-be bachelorette party. Thanks to a bridesmaid the preparations for the wedding seem to be miles easier as she deals with some organizational issues on her own, thus, a bride is not so much overburdened with everything as she has a support from the maid of honor.

Apart from those big obligations, there are smaller ones, which are still very important. A bridesmaid is supposed to take care of a groom' s wedding ring and deliver it to him safely shortly before marriage ceremony. As a bridesmaid is to keep an eye on a groom's ring a bridegroom is to do the same with a bride's ring.

It has to be remembered that a bridesmaid is under no obligation to cover expenses that go with the wedding organization. In fact, the bride's family is supposed to cover the costs of this event. Also, the efforts that a bridesmaid put has to be appreciated by a bride and a a token of gratitude she should give a bridesmaid a nice gift. When it comes to bigger costs which is the purchase of a bridesmaid dress, the onus is on a bride to pay for a bride's outfit. However, the departure from this custom is possible if both parties decide in that matter differently.

Obviously, a bridesmaid does much more for a bride. These are just her duties dictated by etiquette and tradition. However, as a bride and her maid of honor are close friends, it is nothing astonishing that a bridesmaid does more things than the etiquette says because of friendship.

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Jane Jills is a fashion and wedding writer, with a keen interest in the bridesmaid dress market and everything else connected with being a bridesmaid