Nothing feels cozier than tucking yourself under a thick duvet on a cold winter night. Duvets are warm bed coverings filled with down, feathers and other types of stuffing. They can be used instead of quilts to keep you warm. Duvets are usually covered with duvet covers that make them thicker and cozier. Duvet covers can also be washed regularly, whereas the duvet cannot. This keeps your bed and duvet clean, fresh, and sweet-smelling. Duvet covers can be tied, zipped, or buttoned up to secure them over the duvet.

When selecting duvet covers, make sure you choose keeping your bedroom and home decor in mind. The right duvet and cover can make the bedroom a haven of tranquility and relaxation. Ideally, duvet covers should be at least a couple of inches wider and longer than the bed. Duvet covers are of various types.

Reversible Duvet Covers
Reversible covers can be a huge blessing. These duvet covers usually have different patterns on each side. When you reverse the cover, you get a totally different look and colors. Reversible covers are great for achieving a quick fresh and vibrant look for the room.

There are covers to suit every home decor, budget, and style. If you want to go for glamorous and chic bedroom decor, you can opt for luxurious silk and silk blend duvet covers. Satin, lace and brocade accents and trims also creates an elegant, romantic look. For everyday use, you can choose from cotton, microfiber, suede, or rayon materials.

Duvet covers are available in a multitude of patterns, prints, and designs. You can choose from geometric shapes, flower motifs, nature-based patterns, and much more. Hand-embroidered or handcrafted duvet covers lend a traditional touch to the decor. You can also find duvet covers with funny messages or designs.

Duvet covers can be an extension of your personality. For a flamboyant effect, you can choose to contrast the colors of the duvet cover with the rest of the bedroom. Alternatively, you can choose duvet covers that are in perfect harmony with the bedroom and home decor.

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Donald Baker is a certified interior designer and runs his own interior decoration consultancy. Donald loves reading up on new design ideas, and has a special interest in wooden furniture, furnishings and space saving techniques. Here he writes about how to enhance your home decor with duvet covers.