A computer system, no matter how technologically advanced is considered practically useless if it has no connection to the Internet. Its connection to the World Wide Web makes it very useful and maximizes the potential of your machine, however, it also runs the risk of being attacked and hacked by cyber criminals. Hackers who have their eye on networks and systems wait until your computer shows vulnerability so that they can misuse them for their own gains.

A lot of Americans have already fallen prey to hackers who have compromised the functionality of their compters and caused everything from a nuisance to identity theft. And when the reason for this is simply because 19 percent of US computers don’t make use of any virus protection tool, it makes it absolutely essential that they equip their networks with antivirus protection software. Computers without any antivirus software make it easy for malwares, Trojans and spywares to dominate the system, including key loggers.

Key logger is a software that is used by organizations to huntthe activities of their employees. Families also use this software application with the same intention, but web criminals make illegaluse of this software. They steal the crucial information from thesystem that can be a user name, password, credit card no, bank account number etc.

There are efficient hackers who install the keylogger in thesystem without making users aware about its existence in your network. After the installation of the software, every key you press will be sent by email or ftp defined by the installer. Though, hardware keyloggers need to be accommodated in the computer system but the software keyloggers could be installed remotely by the Trojans.

Here are a few cases that pave easy way for the keyloggers to enter into your computer system.

1- The malicious websites are effective in dropping the Trojans into your personal computers.

2- Anyemail attachmentsmay contain the Trojans.

3- An already Trojans corrupted computer, automatically downloads the keyloggerand sends the details to the hackers.

4- Peer-to-peer network always holds a huge chance of downloading the keylogger.

With good computer virus protection software, you don’t have to fret about the online safety. There are many good antivirus programs that are designed to cater the threats related to thekeylogger and throw them out of your system. Having a reliable virus removal software tool will free you from every hesitation that you come across when making transactions online.

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