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Dynamics 365 Business Central brings together all your business processes - from finance to inventory management and distribution, as well as sales, marketing and customer service - into a single software solution for your entire organization, right from the start .

Implemented by Dynamics Square, Dynamics 365 Business Central is aimed at companies that are tired of disconnected systems, decentralized information, and Excel solutions for reporting and analysis. Dynamics 365 brings together the much-appreciated capabilities of Dynamics NAV ERP, Dynamics CRM, and Office 365 into a single cloud business application, for access from anywhere. The flexibility and scalability of the cloud is crucial for fast-growing companies that want to start small and add features / users as they expand and don't want the overhead of managing their own on-premises solution.

Manage your finances
Automate and secure the supply chain
Sell ​​smarter and improve customer service
Control projects and always take them on time and within budget
Optimize operations


Simple answer: Yes. Since Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central are built on the same platform , they share all the benefits of the new extensibility, the Office 365 foundation, and the roadmap that extends to our digital future.

This means that if you are currently using Navision on your premises or in your private cloud and decide later that the public cloud and subscription option are best suited to your needs, or that you want to upgrade to the latest version of the software , then we can help you upgrade your current NAV system to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

There has been a lot of publicity for Dynamics 365 , but also a lot of confusion, which is not really necessary because Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV are basically the same system. To quote Marko Perisic, (Microsoft CEO for the Dynamics NAV team), Dynamics 365 Business Central is "the next generation of Dynamics NAV for the era of digital transformation " that unifies the digital assets of Office 365, Power Platform and Azure to help customers digitally transform their business.

So simply put, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the new name for Dynamics NAV. At the moment, you can only purchase Dynamics 365 Business Central through the shared cloud and if you want it on-premises or hosted in a private cloud environment, what you will get is called Dynamics NAV. BUT, in the coming months, the latest rebranding and Dynamics NAV will be launched, regardless of how you take it: cloud / hosted / on premise will be rebranded as 'Dynamics 365 Business Central'.

Dynamics 365 allows its users to carry out their daily activities from within the program they use most frequently (Microsoft Outlook), but with all the improved functions of an ERP or CRM system.

Imagine being able to go from "budget to cash" without leaving your inbox. Or to be able to create clients, suppliers and estimates, as well as process orders and send invoices without changing the application. All this makes it easier for all members of your organization to execute ERP transactions in a more familiar and productive way.

As a result, all your business activities are recorded quickly and easily, so you have up-to-the-minute visibility into all business operations.

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