What should a Job ad include?
Before we tackle this, we must know What is the purpose of a job Ad/job description?

When the recruiter/hiring executive sets out the parameters of a job opening – what the company expects from the individual and how it defines the role itself.
These terms are what are expected to be sought in employment search engines and come up with required openings, which the jobseekers then apply to. A job description or ad posting jobs aims the following:
● It provides the employee with the expectations that are required of them in the role

● It supplies enough detail to help the candidate assess if they are suitable for the position

● Indicates to the recruitment team the parameters necessary during the selection process

● Creates a framework for questions required for the interview process

● Gives a glimpse to the prospective employee to of their role & position within the organisational structure

● Formulates a legally binding contract of employment

● It sets out goals and targets for the employee upon taking up employment

● As an aid in the evaluation of the employee’s performance on the job

● Creates a structure for training and development plans

What is the current model offered by major industry leaders?
Currently there is the freemium model being offered by most popular job posting sites – which means some features are available for free, whereas some needs a payment, usually it’s the number of ads that can be posted under the condition of free. Most free job posting sites aren’t actually free – they restrict the number of postings a free account can make, and also restrict the duration of each ad (the period it can be live on the website). In addition, there can be a limit imposed on the length of the ad – a longer and detailed more keyword-specific ad may be available under paid subscription. Some top companies offering job postings include the ever popular Indeed, Careerbuilder, Team Lease etc..

Who is the model good for?
This model is great for those medium to high level corporate entities who have a dedicated budget for expenses and need the expertise and the exclusive packages offered in the Freemium packages. Companies that are still finding their way in the corporate world and need hiring specific to a couple of roles can use this; especially when they can share the ad across many platforms to get more views on it.

What does Hullo Jobs offer
Here is where Hullo Jobs comes into play and places high on the list of free job posting sites. It has the best package of free job postings, candidate resume database, and ease of interface and usage. Candidates find it easy to navigate around the jobs posted, which is an important factor in getting them to notice your job postings.
When the user creates a profile for their company, it is verified by their email and number so the website admin can confirm it is authentic. Once the job description has been completed by filling in all the essential fields – position, location, keywords of skills required and any other pertinent data that a candidate requires to make an informed choice to apply to the job posting.

Hullo Jobs, which is fueled by the listings on Freejobposting is one of the places to post jobs for free – the listings are completely free to post, with no restrictions laid on the number of times postings can be made in a given duration. The ad can be of any length and remain live on the site, and can be shared across all viable platforms of social media – such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

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