The emergence and booming of e-business has a far-reaching influence on modern logistics industry.

Under the background of e-business, suppliers’business coverage may expand to a wider range and commodities sales mode and consumers’purchase mode have changed.

Logistics has become a very important service. E-business has brought new challenges and opportunities for modern logistics.

On one hand, e-business really provides a good platform for logistics companies. Under e-business, logistics companies could share some information with e-business companies, buyers or sellers, especially some detailed information of delivery in the supply chain so all the chains can be linked well and under control, the cost can be cut down as a consequence. Logistics companies can provide value added services as much as possible.

On the other hand, e-business helps logistics companies to collect and distribute information. Suppliers and retailers, consumers are all connected by the internet; advanced information transferring can be applied in more areas. Through POS, EOS etc, suppliers can master product sales information and customers’ information accurately and timely, which can improve efficiency of logistics companies.

Logistics companies need to improve service quality through good information process and transport s

ystem, which means ports, airports, customs information must be cleared and specified so customers can check out date of arrival, port of arrival, consignees, storage, etc.

Logistics companies need to provide more value added services according to customers’ demand. Logistic services can be divided into different groups, such as various commodities, small wholesale, short cycle which may meet different customers’ needs.
Logistics companies should compete against rivals via service quality rather than simple price competition.

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