Step right up, folks. Here’s your internet success story. Here’s the cheap web host, “Cheapie.” Here’s the Get Rich Quick promo, the “GRQ”. And here’s the optimization guru, “Guru”. Let me shift them around like so. Choose one for your internet success.

Cheapie? That’s only $4.95 a month that you can lose. Plus hundreds of hours and months and months of your time figuring out how to set up a web site and make it successful. No thank you.

GRQ? It’s a great idea. But ask for a list of 100 or more verifiable success stories, preferably before you sign up. Oops – there are none? Surprise, surprise. The GRQ promo is particularly depressing because it appeals to the unsophisticated internet user via massive advertising campaigns.

So Guru must know something. “Divide your text by 8.63, add a factor of keywords equivalent to the density of Mars in the first quadrant, and voila!” Failure, total failure.

How do I know? I’ve tried them all. I’ve spent more money on the internet shell game than I would admit to anyone. None of them work.

Like you, I would like a really super easy, super cheap, super quick way of making my millions on the internet.

Well, it just doesn’t happen like that.

Developing a successful web site business is a lot of work. You will need to

(1) Identify a profitable, interesting topic (It has to be interesting because you’re going to spend a lot of time with it);

(2) Line up 50-100 strong keywords;

(3) Write several dozen search-engine friendly pages;

And the real zinger:

(4) Promote it effectively.

Along the way you will need to analyze competitors’ sites, track down visual content, study key word lists, learn about links, prepare for blogs and e-zines, become a site designer and a prolific writer.

It’s just not “easy”. Anyone who tells you differently is lying.

But is IS exciting, rewarding and fun. There is an immense sense of satisfaction watching your site climb in the rankings to reach the top 1% of all websites. I know – I’ve been there, too.

I don’t have an “allie-ka-zam” to make your website be successful, or even to appear. But I have the next best thing: a free ebook and free search program that will track down valuable information very quickly, no matter what your topic.

Do you need to know what keywords your competitors use? It’s covered.

How about the back links to your site, or to your competitors’ sites? It’s covered.

How about finding free and inexpensive photos and graphics. It’s covered.

So are statistical sources, tools for searching across all major search engines at once, foreign language searches, meta data searches, web site names, keyword popularity tools, and a lot more. Over 100 searches in all. Pick and choose which ones you want to use, and use them again and again. All free.

Why do I offer this? Because your success is good for my business. When your business is successful, you will come back wanting a business plan to raise financing, and that makes my site very successful. (This is one of the ways I got to the top 1% of all web sites: I give away information.)

There’s room on the internet for all of us. May we all be hugely successful!

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