If you have good e-commerce software, then it makes designing and creating the e-commerce site much easier. There are plenty of softwares available in the market and each one has its own pros and cons. Thus I wouldn’t endorse any e-commerce software in particular but could give you recommendations on the features that your e-commerce software should essentially have.

There are basically two kinds of e-commerce software – Hosted and Licensed. The hosted software is the easiest way to set up an e-commerce shop. All that you need to do is sign up with an e-commerce provider and they would host your site on their servers. The advantages of this software are:

There would no maintenance is required and moreover since your store is fully hosted, neither do you need to worry about web hosting. The drawback is that it doesn’t provide you with the functionality that licensed softwares would give.

Conversely, licensed e-commerce software gives you much more flexibility and control in setting up shop and gives your site a more professional look. The disadvantage is that you need to have a certain level of technical knowledge for running your site on paid software plus you need to renew your license on a yearly basis. Thus if you wish to escape from the hassle of configuring and setting up an e-commerce website then go for the hosted version but for people who want to customize their site more effectively, it is suggested that they go for the licensed version as it offers much more functionality.

The user interface is a crucial factor for any e-commerce software and should be easy enough for even a lay person to update. Moreover it should have SEO friendly features such as good navigation. The checkout procedure and shopping basket are two crucial aspects of an e-commerce website and these should be optimally designed and made secure. Make sure that your software is foolproof to hacking because this could lead to loss of both clientele as well as revenue.

There are a host of free and paid softwares available in the market for one to choose from but I suggest that you talk with webmasters who have used both versions of the software and after having analyzed the pros and cons, go ahead with your buy.

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Devang Shah is S.E.O. Consultant working at reputed web design and development company. Besides web design and development, Jinsoft solutions is a reliable name as an e-commerce solution provider.Jinsoft has rich experience in open source e-commerce and CMS development like nopcommerce and Umbraco e-commerce.