Any person who conducts trade on the internet is an e-commerce merchant. The merchants’ set up an internet website loaded up with the specified items or services for sale, and usually has a shopping cart feature within so that items can be purchased electronically, and includes one or more payment gateways to ease the sale. The client or online customer orders items or services, selects a payment option, and after approval, the merchants delivers the purchases to the customer.

Anyone thinking of an online business venture can become an e-commerce merchant. All that is needed is a website, merchandise, and a method of payment. It is not necessary that the payment methods have to be through a payment gateway. There are other options like regular mail with checks or money orders. One can even transect over a phone.

The e-commerce website can also be termed as stand-alone "virtual store", or ready to go website or an extension of an actual brick and mortar retail store. There are many people who will create a website and place affiliate banners within it, and obtains sales from customers who then buy merchandise by clicking through a banner or link to that retail store.

An e-commerce merchant shares all the responsibilities of any commercial merchant. Presentation of their merchandise on the website should be attractive, provide descriptions, determine pricing, and set up text that will explain their operations or business, and provide secure payment gateway access for purchases in other words we can say that the efficient e-commerce website development is required. They have to set up their own banking accounts and sign up with payment gateways for processing credit card payments such as PayPal.

The SSL encrypted secure technology has revolutionized merchandise trade worldwide as receiving payments can be done quite efficiently and securely. This technology only takes seconds to complete a transaction and people can completely monitor exchange transactions across the globe on the internet, through merchant websites.

E-commerce development is all about providing the shopping cart feature as well as other services related to online business in the most efficient way. Thus one should choose the best e-commerce solution such as Nopcommerce etc. which comes with various different features in order to improve your website’s attractiveness.

Doing an online business can be very rewarding and satisfying. It is easy to begin selling, and you do not need to have a lot of stock to start with, nor do you have the overhead expenses of a brick and mortar retail store. There are many stores who began as an internet website and once they became successful by making their online presence count; they later expanded from virtual reality to actual reality as traditional street stores. Last but not the least one should always go for reliable e-commerce software which should fulfill all the basic needs of the merchant.

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Devang Shah is S.E.O. Consultant working at reputed web design and development company. Besides web design and development, Jinsoft solutions is a reliable name as an e-commerce solution provider.Jinsoft has rich experience in open source e-commerce and CMS development like nopcommerce and Umbraco.