As society advances and changes, so does the very process of learning. From the actual development of writing to the printing press, and now the internet, humans have always been trying to make studying easier and more effective. The pinnacle of this thought is above all the advent of e-learning. The internet is ubiquitous, as are the devices that can use it from practically anywhere. With e-learning the amount of freedom and flexibility to learn one can gain is unparalleled.


Many people truly don’t have a way to work on themselves and to improve. They may have the necessary willpower and mental capabilities, but their schedules and busy lives forbid them from educating themselves further. This may be due to work hours that completely overlap with their school schedule. Or perhaps they have other obligations, like children, or taking care of a sick loved one. Perhaps it’s may be as simple as a lack of transportation or even access to educational resources in their area. Maybe they themselves are incapable of attending due to an illness or a handicap.

Learning online gives a lot of space for people who don’t have the option of getting a regular education or attending a standard course. They can study from the comfort of their own home, or on a laptop or tablet during their commutes. So for example, all this person needs to do is get find a Wi-Fi connection (or not even that if they can download the resources) and get to work. A waitress that works a double shift will certainly have an hour per day where no work needs to be done. Studying one hour per day over a tablet, for a year, can get her foot in the door to a career she always dreamed of.


It’s an excellent choice even for people who simply don’t do well in a structured environment. Or rather, a structured environment somebody else made. Some enjoy controlling their own time and may have spent their entire lives thinking they are dumb and that higher learning isn’t for them when they simply craved studying at their own pace.

Sometimes people simply don’t have access to what interests them. For example, one individual wants to learn more about early modernist American literature but has no access to such courses anywhere near him. So then, he can simply go online and learn to his heart’s content.

It’s an excellent choice for regular students as well since e-learning can supplement their regular classes and workload. It can help them with some aspects of a college course with which they are having some trouble. Perhaps they missed a class, or perhaps they need to approach the subject from another point of view.


One of the important aspects people neglect when speaking about e-learning is just how efficient it can actually be. You do not only get more control of your time, but will actually spend it better. There is no need to depend on other people in order to learn. No more waiting for professors, busses, unresponsive TA-s and the like… And since you have nigh-complete control over your time, you utilize your energy much better.

E-learning is much easier to scale and adapt to a learner. Some can blow through a couple of lectures in no-time, while others will need to invest a bit more effort. People are different, our brains work differently, and sometimes we just need to invest more effort in one area, while breezing right through another. With E-learning, you can organize your study habits in whichever way you want. This makes you much more efficient at how you utilize your time.

Furthermore, you can only attend a specific lecture once per semester (if that) when attending university. With e-learning, you can play a video or read the coursework as often as you want. So in case, you missed anything, or if you want to completely understand the subject, you simply press replay and start over.

Organizing groups of people is much easier when utilizing e-learning. In fact, sometimes that can be impossible since we all have different schedules and jobs. You would need to organize the time of, for example, five people, all centred on a fixed point – i.e. a regular course schedule. But when you have the option of watching a lecture online whenever you want, on whichever device you want, things become much easier.


E-learning is quite cost-effective, and not just in regard to paying college tuitions and fees. The simple things like taking the bus, or paying for gas money, and reaching your campus. Not to mention the time you lose on commuting. Also, most often all the materials you need will be online, in e-document or video form, so you most often won’t even need to buy books.

Even hiring a company that deals with training and education, like Precision Group for example, is cheaper than getting a University education. Now, of course, if you want a College diploma, you will need to look elsewhere. But, if you just want to learn, or want to provide proper training, then a piece of paper isn’t as important as are the results and knowledge you expect to gain.


E-learning is becoming more and more serious as time goes on. In fact, in today’s world it can be on the same level as a regular, standard,education. It’s incredibly flexible and time efficient, and can even save you some money in the long term. If you truly want to learn and to improve your skills, it’s a viable option and opportunity for growth.

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Emily Wilson is a business psychologist. Researching, exploring and writing are her favourite things to do. Besides that, she loves travelling, music and animals.