With the advent of computers and internet, each and every organizational process has been digitized and so did the training and learning process. To gain a competitive edge over the competitors, it is necessary that the employees of the organization be updated of all current developments in the market. Not all the organizations are able to justify the cost associated with the training process, for them a viable option is to outsource the training content. There are many companies, which have a dedicated offshore development center, that develop the online training content as per the requirements of the organizations. E-learning off shoring has become a popular trend as it not only aids in saving costs but also aids in meeting the business objectives within the estimated time period.

Of all the advantages associated with the online training modules, cost of the projects holds immense importance. It saves approximately 20 to 40 percent of over all training costs of an organization. All the organizations seeking e learning solution can outsource the whole or part of their project to one or more organizations depending upon their needs. The efficient Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), instructional designers, administrators, and instructors develop the subject matter in lower costs specifically as per the industrial needs. These e-learning service providers’ help in saving the resources of the organization as online training programs can be integrated with the current training process followed in the organization. Before the final delivery the quality of the content is thoroughly checked.

In today’s fast growing world, one of the major issues with the e-learning infrastructure is its scalability. The company with an off-shoring development center ensures that the training module is modified in compliance with the growth of the organization. By outsourcing their content to a specialized e-learning service provider, an organization can exercise a control over major issues like employee retention, attrition rate, and firing. The e-learning off shoring companies lay focus on the areas like culture of the organization, strategic advantage, quality of the content and its security. Another important aspect of the e-learning off shoring is the (QoS) or Quality of Service. The organizations outsourcing their content must make sure that the off shoring company has a vast experience; prompt delivery schedule, and quality content. An adequate training module can streamline whole of the organizational activity, thereby meeting the organizational goals on time.

The organizations which are outsourcing their content must document all their requirements and deliver the same to the off shoring company. This helps in checking on the flaws and disparity in the project, if any. Proper specification sheets, project plans, IDD, storyboards must be maintained to check if the project is as per the schedule.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes e-learning off shoring , e-learning service and other Learning & Development matters.