While in the olden days, companies and business organizations conducted workshops for imparting training to the employees, today, with the advent of new technologies these methods have become obsolete. A different concept of imparting training in the form of e-learning has taken place of the conventional workshops and classroom based training. For the last many years, training organizers are resorting to Learning Management Systems (LMS) for conducting training of the employees.

As on-the-job training is intended to provide continuous learning to the employees, it is required that the process does not become tedious in the long run. The online education and training programs are not only exciting and interesting but it also saves a lot of time and is quite cost effective also. Moreover, interactive e learning tools has made it possible for the employees to participate in the question and answer (Q&A) sessions and discussion forums which make the learning process easy and simple. This, further helps organizations to achieve a high-scale success in the employee training process.

The innovative use of graphics, games and social networking sites has made training programs, these days, more fascinating, interactive and productive. As interactive learning makes it easy to understand the learning content through discussions and arguments, this new method of learning is widely preferred by organizations.

The e-learning service providers take utmost care to provide job oriented and industry specific learning content that are highly effective and easy to learn. These e-learning companies also provide certain e learning software that helps employees to learn irrespective of the geographical locations and the time of day or night.

A very important software that has largely reduced the stress involved in the learning process is that built for games to help in learning. These games can be installed in smartphones, Tablet Pcs, laptops and other such devices and contributes in the learning process, when people enjoy the game. Thus, games built for learning provides knowledge as well as fun. Apart from e learning software, social networking sites have also contributed in a large way in the learning process. People can share and discuss the e learning modules with their friends on social networking sites. Thus, game based learning and social learning have made the learning process not only simple and cost effective but it also saves a lot of precious time that can be used for other productive work. As a result, business organizations are switching from their conventional methods of training to this modern and efficient method of imparting training to their employees.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes interactive e learning, e learning software and other Learning & Development matters for web based LMS.