Learning and education are the part and parcel of the corporate life. The only thing that keeps the organization ahead of its competitors is prompt information access. With the evolution of the learning management solutions, the information is not only delivered at a fast pace, but its reach has also widened. Effective e-learning tools like audio-visuals, pod casts and graphics have made ‘learning’ more impactful.

The technology is developing at a fast pace; therefore, the future of smart-phones and tablets certainly looks bright. The mobile learning space has attracted a lot of individuals, which is evident from a survey showing that more than 28 percent of the smart phone users access internet from their cell phones. Flexibility is one of the major advantages associated with the mobile phones. Moreover, remote workers can also access the information and can be simultaneously trained with the in-house workers. E-learning solutions have thus proven to be a boon for the new-age organizations.

Mobiles and tablets with their easy access to internet have made the training process more interactive and collaborative. With gamification of the content and inclusion of the social media, the training process has become more fun-filled and the results are also fruitful. New e-learning trends which would involve cloud computing would cater to the problems of manageability and maintenance of the data base. Due to mobile learning platform, newer methods of the user engagement are being developed which means users will be exposed to the new age learning tools. The learning management solutions have thus solved the major problem of the scalability, flexibility, access to the content and prompt information delivery.

Some of the major e-learning companies have an offshore development center. Small organizations or the firms which do not have enough capital to spend on the training of the employees can outsource their e-learning requirements to an offshore development company. By outsourcing their requirements, organizations can save 20-40 percent of the total cost spent in training process. Outsourcing content to an off shoring company does not mean any compromise with the quality of the content.

The off shoring companies have a team of specialized professionals including instructional designers, content developers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). These professionals thoroughly check the design before the final delivery of the content. Along with developing the industry specific content, they also manage and update the same timely. The organizations can therefore lay all their focus on attaining their business objective on time.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management.His expertise includes E-learning solutions, offshore development center and other Learning & Development matters.