E- Learning is a system of learning and teaching via electronic means that enables people to learn at their own convenience. It raises the demand of computer as it gives the user the freedom of accessing information according to their wish or depends on their need. Online learning helps in the transformation of skills and knowledge through computer and networking system. The content in the form of text, image, animation, audio, or video can be easily delivered through internet and other advanced technological methods. eLearning application includes, computer based learning, web based learning, effective classroom opportunities and digital collaboration.

E- learning provides various courses of your choice and one of them is accounting course that make you proficient in analyzing financial management. Users are going for e- learning because it is easier, faster, easy to update and upload on the server, cost effective and self placed. Most online programmes can be taken when needed, gives exposure and ocean full of knowledge on diversified subject along with being relevant and detail oriented too.

Online learning provides an interactive and motivating session. Another advantage of online learning is that you can learn easily from experts who are available 24*7 on the net. Student are also smart enough who go for blended process of learning that means, they go for e-learning as well as traditional learning so , whenever doubt appears in their mind or if they want more clarity on a particular subject ,they get guidance whenever they want. This is really surprising that technology finds no barrier and can reach anywhere on the command of the user.

Electronic gadgets are also used in ACCA Courses, as they are the part of e – lecture for the distant learning students. These courses are for accounts students who aspire to do a course from ACCA that is a member of Association of Chartered Certified Association, which is internationally leading accountancy body. In order to attain internationally recognized degree, its member has to pass series of written examination that are fourteen in all. The examination covers all the subject matter that includes cost accounting, business management book keeping. It covers the technical as well as the theoretical part such as motivational theory, theories of risk etc. ACCA are proficient enough to bring out the best from the ordinary student and finally, make them professional accountants who are well versed in all the sectors whether its corporate, financial service or public sector, they are capable of leading successful career across the globe.

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