First purpose

Early Childhood Education Launching Program In order to effectively promote the steps for the development of early childhood education, this program will be formulated as a comprehensive implementation plan based on the steps for improving the condition of kindergarten education.

Second implementation time

2001 to 2005 (five years)

Third basic idea

Early childhood is a very important time in which the basis of human formation is cultivated, adequate co-operation is planned between the local community, home and kindergarten etc., which improve the education for children and children. Strengthen child maintenance and develop related measures.

In the case of kindergarten, the plan to develop steps from the following perspective while continuing to develop in order to enter three to five year old children who wish to enter kindergarten.

In the development of kindergarten education, we provide general guidance by promoting each child through independent life and by providing basic education through basic education and basic education and basic education of primary school and improvement of education and whole life education and education activities after primary school and education environment based on the foundation for education.

We plan the elasticity of the kindergarten administration while using the kindergarten basics and use the childcare support function as the center of local childhood education and the role and kind of kindergarten role play as "the place of parents and child's rise".

We propose to kindergarten and primary school that we plan to make smooth changes and connectivity between kindergarten education and primary school education.
D) Kindergarten and nursery schools have their own objectives and roles and enhance cooperation between the two benefits, both of which are prescribed for preschool children.

Also, in order to improve kindergarten education, in the case of early childhood home-language education and community education, improve the environment for the children in this area to review the importance of early childhood home education, opportunities for thinking about it and for raising opportunities for experimental activity.

The fourth concrete measure and aim

Promotion of 1 kindergarten education

(1) Enhancement of educational activities and educational environment in kindergarten

A promotion of understanding the point of learning of kindergarten

Kindergarten deepens the views of kindergarten-related people about the point of instruction and the subject of content, we hold a studying meeting.
[Those kindergarten teachers, etc. participated in basic research meetings during the implementation of the campaign]

In addition, in cooperation with the municipalities and municipalities, we will provide information through booklets, materials, etc. which will contribute to understanding the kindergarten education and methods kindergarten and parents of local people.
Improve the cultivation of cultivar of cultivation of sprout cultivation

Implement the real study and contribute to the improvement of education, which promotes the rise of appropriate morals for early childhood.

[Promoting original real-time research aimed at implementing one or more areas of each prefecture while implementing the implementation]

In addition, we distribute documents that show the concrete method which is helpful when all the kindergartens are instructed and planning to use.

Maintenance of your three-year child admission condition
We will prioritize the practice of practical research at the 3-year old level and provide results as well as conditioner admission assistance and adult education support, adult education support, boys' birth within 3-years of birth.

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