75% of people say that they do not get any real job satisfaction from the work they do. They long to retire, they hate weekdays and long for weekends. They envy people who enjoy their work and they very much envy those who enjoy it and who get well paid for it. But why envy someone when you can do the same thing? Life is too short to spend it doing a job you hate or feeling under valued.
Instead of wasting time on the wrong thing and then having regrets make sure you are happy with your career prospects and earning abilities now.

Everyone has the chance to become an online clairvoyant.
It is not something which is exclusive to only women or people or a certain age or those who live in a certain part of the World. Most of this work is now done online anyway!
This work gives you an opportunity to learn coping strategies because a good psychic is a good thinker.
We all need to make decisions, resolve problems, move forward, sort out issues from time to time, and the psychic person is better equipped to do this. They use their intuition to work out things or they are naturally drawn to the best thing.

Just as a good accountant can earn a good living by doing accounts for others and use his mathematical brain to solve problems and work things out logically the psychic clairvoyant can make a good living by doing readings and
improve their ability to use this gift to help themselves.

I have seen people who were otherwise quite shy, withdrawn and lacking in self esteem blossom because they gained
insight and got used to speaking to and helping people.

You are allowed a lot of flexibility because you decide whether it suits your personality and lifestyle best to do this as a paid hobby or to set up your own business. But I would advise caution if thinking of setting up your own business straight away as it can be very expensive and there is no guarantee that you will get back your investment, let alone make a profit. To be safe get a job working for an established company where there are no risks to you and concentrate simply on doing the work itself instead of worrying about advertising, how to get more clients, sorting out staff, seeing to the website, book keeping etc. You could get bogged down with lots of daily decisions, problems and issues when you really just wanted to do readings for people! Nothing wrong with that. It is horses for courses. http://www.online-psychic.moonfruit.com.

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Rosemary Price, recommended by experts, celebrities, the Press, radio and television. Over thirty years of experience.