It is rare I come across a woman who actually earns as much as £75 an hour (or more) yet the chance to do so is there for just about every woman that lives and breaths! Maybe the problem is that we get into a rut and play safe.
We get a job where we are filing for someone all day, at a low wage, doing something routine and boring, and it never occurs to us that we can do something which is more interesting and which pays better.

To make money online is a great way to live one's life because it means you do not have to travel. Straight away you save a lot of time on getting to and from work, probably ten hours a week if you work every day.
A well organised online worker can get all of their work done in less than ten hours a week, so they are well ahead of you then with how much time they spend on work and how much time they have left for themselves. Why spend two hours a day getting to and from work when you could relax or earn money in that time instead?

We also have the situation where it is considered normal for men to work online and less likely that women do unless they are doing form filling, typing, general odd jobs,
maybe writing some articles they sell cheaply. We see computers as being a male dominated environment and most IT and web designer types are males. But that does not mean that a woman cannot set up an online business and make it work.

By working as a psychic not only is a woman giving herself the chance to do well online with no travelling but she is choosing a line of work which is identified as being work for women. Most clients who contact a psychic for a reading expect the reader - and prefer it - if the reader is female. Turn this to your advantage. Women can be more intuitive and they can be more caring, and it is somehow expected of them to be maternal and protective towards others, hence we tend to talk to female friends more than males.

Women who work online as writers usually earn very little.
Those who do surveys etc earn very little. So why bother with such options when in the same amount of time you can do something more interesting that pays a lot better? Why short sell yourself simply because an idea had not occurred to you before or because you are following convention or doing what is expected of you by others? Working online does not have to be tedious and repetitive, it can be exciting and well paid, even for women.

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Rosemary Price, recommended by experts, celebrities,
the Press, radio and television. Over thirty years of experience as a qualified, full-time professional.