Maybe this is you but if you are too busy or this is not your type of thing please pass this opportunity onto anyone else you know who might genuinely be interested and suitable.

Whoever contacts us about this must have ten hours a week to spare (or more).

We advise a lot of people about their marriages, romances and partners through our website. Many come to us for our free articles and blogs but far more prefer to pay for a 1 2 1 consultation with us.

They like us because they know they will get a very sensible and helpful reply quickly, not one that asks questions and wants to write back and forth about it for ages, not one that wastes time or means they worry for longer, but one which is helpful, to the point and sympathetic.

We understand that there are not many people out there with relevant experience so we do not ask for your work history, it is pointless as most of the people who do well at this have never done it before - ever - they have done all sorts of other work but nothing to do with this. They are stars waiting to shine. People who have been hidden away in the wrong jobs for ages waiting for a chance to do this instead.

If you think you can take an email from a client read it and understand it, work out what they should do - we are not looking for people who do research, we want people who can take the facts they are given and give a sensible reply based on those facts... this means that you need to know things!

i.e. if a woman has found out that her husband is a cross dresser you need to understand what a cross dresser is.
We cannot pay you to research these things, we expect you to know already.

We pay well, through pay pal, it is all online, it is really interesting and it is exciting, sometimes it can lead to bigger and more exciting stuff later.

Because of the virus we are being flooded with people looking for solutions to their worries and need more staff urgently. But we need to make sure they are up to to the job, as it would not be fair to unleash unsuitable people on clients.

Read our website and then put together a sensible approach to us through our contact page. Something that makes us realise we need you.

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Beth Shepherd psychic medium