Earn £60 per hour as an agony aunt columnist.

This is your chance to shine - though if you are the sort of person we are seeking you are probably shining already.
We need people who have a lot of common sense and experience of life. You may have hard a difficult childhood or gone through a struggle in a relationship, you may have stood watching others who are struggling to find happiness. You are the sort of person who knows how to solve a problem. You are good at seeing the light. You know how to be true to yourself and you know how to get others to be true to themselves, so that they find happiness and peace.

Our leading psychic and relationship expert and life coach, Beth Shepherd, is unable to cope with the huge number of people who write to her for relationship, psychic email readings and life coaching, sometimes by phone. They live all over the World. Some of her regular clients have been consulting her for many years. She is very well established and cares deeply about every single one of them. Rather than turn them away she would like to be able to pass them onto someone less experienced and prominent but nevertheless equally caring who can help them. Someone who is eager to help them on the telephone or through emails. Someone who has some spare time to work for us on a part time basis helping clients who need support, empathy, guidance and sometimes solutions and answers.

If you are a natural at making decisions and problem solving then go to the website and have a look at it. Get a flavour of how we work and what our clients are into and seek. Then put together an email which convinces us that we should seriously consider you. Please note this is for people who can really help others. We are not able to train people up, we actually get people offering to pay us to train them and turn them away because we are to busy helping clients to be able to do that.

Pen us a great email which is not just the usual I love to help people or people come to me with their problems! You see lots of people may come to you with their problems - maybe family and friends or people at work - but how many of them would consider that you were good enough to charge them for that listening ear or help?
How many would return for more if they had to pay for it?
Please do not tell us that you have worked here and there if that is not relevant to this. You may have worked at a fantastic job for thirty years but if that does not somehow show that you will be great at working as an agony aunt then it is irrelevant. We need to see that you have talent. Not just that you have spare time and would like to earn more money.


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Beth Shepherd leading psychic, life coach and relationship expert. http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com