When it comes to affiliate marketing, your ability to earn commissions is directly proportionate to where you choose to do business and whether or not you find the best products available. If you are looking into the world of affiliate marketing and uncertain of where to start, this is information that you need to read. Understanding how to find products and choose the best merchant sites to work with is going to be an elemental part of your success. Here are some definite things to keep in mind.

The top five places to earn commissions is a good place to start. If you want to make big bucks in affiliate marketing, check out these merchant sites for the best chances of success:

Commission Junction

These are the leading affiliate merchant sites that you will find online today, allowing you to maximize your potential profits and minimize the hassles and risks involved. Once you sign up with these merchants, you can choose products that you are interested in earning money on as your affiliate marketing products.

The decision of which products to utilize in your affiliate marketing campaigns can sometimes be a difficult one. There are plenty of different elements to consider, but in the end the product that you choose should be something that you are at least a little familiar with or able to learn about easily. If you are trying to sell something you know nothing about, it will be much harder to be successful. Take the time to focus on products that you can work with and don't have to do much research on so that you have a better chance at success in every sale.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can choose as many products from as many different merchants as you would like to sell. You can choose specific companies from one merchant and different companies or products from another, based on the types of affiliate sites you want to create. Look at the way that products generate income, as well, so that you can choose the highest earning products and set your campaigns up properly. After all, if you are unsure of what you can earn with your affiliate products, you are not going to be able to market them properly or have a good shot at success.

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