Playing video games at gclub mobile can be relaxing and exciting, not to say stimulating, but people who spend a lot of time on this passion are often criticized for the time they waste on pursuing virtual goals for the sole purpose of distracting themselves. Others will say that after all, you will never earn a dime playing video games.

It's not accurate actually.

The truth is that there are methods that allow avid gamer's to turn their passion into a source of additional income. While most people are sure that it is impossible to improve your lifestyle and become richer only through video games at gclub mobile , it is possible for just about anyone to do a little bit of work to earn money to pay his bills, to have fun or even to do his job.

1. Become a blogger video games

If you are finding a quick and straightforward way to start making money online by playing video games, then open a blog. Today, everyone is looking on the internet to find information about news and new sports. This creates opportunities for gamers who like to write and who know how to use WordPress or Blogger.

2. Write guides and tutorials

If you love playing games, you know how frustrating it is to be stuck in a game because you cannot guess or do not know what to do. When that happens, your first reflex and go on the net to find the solution. Although free guides do exist, paid guides are often a better option for those who want the best advice and information about a game. Becoming an author of these guides can help you earn a decent income.

3. Post YouTube videos, and monetize them

Written guides are not the only sources of information when you are stuck in a video game. Many gamer's will prefer to watch a video tutorial where they will see live what needs to be done. Usually, they will look for these tutorials on YouTube. Creating video guides, posting them on YouTube and monetizing them is also an excellent way to generate a decent income.

4. Become a professional video game tester

Before a game can come out, it requires to be tested to ensure that it will be free of bugs and defects that can interfere with immersion. This can take thousands of hours, and that is why video game publishers hire specialized testers for this. Becoming one of these testers allows you to get a rather interesting additional income; however, this job can be tough.

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