Earning an affiliate income is really not that difficult to do considering your sole priority is generating traffic. Maintaining a profitable online affiliate marketing business over the long term is more challenging however. When first starting an online business many people put more of a priority on making money then they do customer relations. Now in the short run this is understandable but maintaining that attitude over the long haul is not a recipe for business success.

Marketing on the internet can be tricky since you are promoting to people you will never even talk to yet they are still expected to buy from you. So how do we give our business the successful start it needs to get established and grow while also persuading customers to make purchases from a 'faceless' online marketer?

Here are 5 quick tips to build both your business and a working and profitable relationship with customers online.

Have a Sincere Belief in the Products

How can you promote anything you do not believe will do what it is advertised to do? By doing so you are deliberately misleading your customer and they WILL find out. Once this happens you can kiss them goodbye and only hope word does not spread about you.

Limit the Hype

Be realistic when promoting anything to your customers and do not assume that they are as gullible as you may want them to be. Along these same lines you also want to sound realistic therefore hold the hype. Customers today are much more aware than some give them credit for so do not 'insult' people when promoting any products.

Offer Useful Content

All your contacts with the customers should not be promotional in nature if you are interested in developing a trust with them, and I hope you are. Starting an online business means you should be collecting contact information from potential customers. With this you should already have an idea of what their interests are. Knowing this gives you the opportunity to supply them with information that may be useful to them. Serving them in this way will help develop that trust that you are looking for.

Do Not Misrepresent Your Affiliation

If for whatever reasons you are question about any aspect of a product or service that you do not have personal knowledge say so. Inform them you are an affiliate representing the product manufacturer and offer to gather the information they need or lead them to it.

To represent yourself in any other way may seem like a white lie to you but it will certainly undermine your credibility with the customer.


Along the same lines as supplying customers with useful information it is also very effective to send them free gifts as a thank you for their loyalty to you. Along your 'travels' on the internet highway you no doubt have been gifted yourself so you know the effect that can have.

Finding some inexpensive software or ebook that is relative to your customers' interest and sending it to them will pay dividends for you later.

Earning an affiliate income is relatively simple to do and a great way to get a successful start when marketing on the internet. The problem many encounter however is failing to recognize the importance of their customers. Earning the trust and respect of your customers is the first building block for business success online. By routinely following the suggestions we spoke of above you can easily position your online affiliate marketing business for long term success.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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