While change is inevitable in many situations, it is possible to welcome change positively. Although change in lifestyle or eating habits will definitely require adjustment, incorporating more raw foods to your eating habits are attainable. It’s just about ease and flow...yes, it is as basic as ABC or 123. Just being aware with what your body dictates, listening to your body will make you wiser in choosing the right foods. In this article, we will discuss the ABC’s in changing your eating habits.

The ABC’s in Changing your Eating Habits:

A-ccept that you need to change. It is a huge step wherein you admit that you will do it for your advantage. Knowing that eating raw food will keep your body healthyis a start to possibly make you more eager to change. It does not have to be hard, confusing or difficult or depriving.

B-elieve that you can change. Your desire to eat more raw foods can be achieved. This is about how and what you think. Just do not allow others to pressure you, guilt you or that you are doing something wrong. No competition, no rules but love, support and gentleness. It doesn’t matter what others are doing or how fast they are going, but believe that you can change for your improvement. Your belief and attitude will play a vital part to achieve your goal. Believe you can do it!!

C-hallenge yourself to change. Acknowledging that raw food is beneficial to your body, it is about time to challenge yourself to eat more of them and more often.

Embrace change! Eat what is best for your body and enjoy the benefits, because you deserve it.

Author's Bio: 

Trained as a Raw Foods Chef and in Advanced EFT, plus a few other modalities and having been on the health path for many years came after struggling with disordered eating, the barrage of misinformation around diets and trying many different ways of eating.
Eating healthier, more raw, having a good relationship with food and yourself is not only the best way to live and be but also that this is the healthiest and simplest way of eating and being, I feel.
I also love to make healthy raw dishes and share them family and friends who can't believe it's raw.