Planning to move out soon? Worried about the end of lease cleaning? Do not worry as this article is here to help you get a smooth and finished cleaning service. You might be planning to clean the house by yourself but might not know which areas need more specific cleaning than the others. Under such circumstances you need to have a checklist to help you go about the cleaning process.

This article presents to you some important tips that are generally used by the end of lease cleaning companies to help you get hold of a clean and tidy house before the end of your bond period. Keep reading to know more:

  • Mop the floors!

The first thing that grabs attention is the floors! So you must use good quality cleaning agents to wipe and mop the floors clean. A commonly used solution by many house cleaning companies is the vinegar solution. All you need to do is take a litre of water and add to it about 200 ml of vinegar. Mix well and your cleaning solution is ready. This solution effectively removes out the stains from the floors and makes them glossy!

  •  Oven and Countertops! 

When the owner gets into your kitchen, he or she will readily inspect the countertops! As done by many house cleaning services in Wollongong, you must thoroughly clean the kitchen countertops. Scrub it off well and then clean it using any cleaning solution. As for the oven, the oven interiors get stained as and when you warm the food items. So this can also be cleaned using the same vinegar solution as described in the above point.

  • Freezer and Fridge!

This is something that you will be able to clean at the very last due to its 24*7 usage! But worry not as the house cleaning services present to you some easy steps to do so.

  • The first thing that you will have to do is evacuate the freezer and the fridge.
  • Next you will have to remove its connection from t he mains.
  • Once the contents are emptied out, you will have to use the same vinegar solution; preferably a little warmed one, to clean the interior of the fridge.
  • Use this solution and wipe the interiors and leave the fridge open for like 4 hours!
  • You need to separately wash the crispers and the other shelves that can be removed from the fridge.
  • Paint scratches!

A common thing that many of us fail to do is that we tend to avoid the paint scratches on the walls that might have had accidently happened or occurred as a result of your child’s mischief! Do not worry all you need to do is grab a similar paint and draw some flowers out of it. This will cover the spot and will also make the wall look prettier!

So when it comes to cleaning your house for the end of lease cleaning be sure to follow the above tips. 

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