A common thing that a lot of people who are living in the rented flats for the first time tends to ignore is that end of lease cleaning is a lot different from the day to day cleaning. In order to secure your bond amount is it important to keep the house in the t op notch manner while you approach the end of your tenancy period.

Still if you wish to do the cleaning all by yourself then you got to look out for few tips and cleaning hacks that will give you a gleaming house in the smartest manner. This article enlists few important tips that will make you get the best end of lease cleaning for your premises:


The kitchen being the heart of your home is being used to a great extent on a daily basis. The kitchen has a lot of appliances such as the OTG, oven, fridge, dish washer and the list is endless. Besides this there are the countertops, sinks and even the storage cabinets that attract a lot of dirt and grime. The storage cabinets might be a housing premise for the different kinds of pests and mites. Taking a good note of your kitchen is a crucial thing. Do a thorough clean up and use a hot vinegar solution to get rid of unwanted odors!


Though the paint might get duller but this does to mean that you ignore the walls. The ceiling also needs a thorough mopping in order to get rid of those nasty cobwebs. The end of lease cleaning in Southbank is usually done by the able guidance of the professionals. These professionals also clean those corners where your mop cannot reach! You may hire a pressure cleaner to get rid of the nasty grime. The furniture and upholstery also need to be cleaned well. 


It is the windows that keep you protected from bad weather conditions. It guards you safe from rain, hail, snow and even scorching sunlight. These windows also need special attention!


Though you might clean them on a weekly basis but end of lease cleaning is a method of improvised cleaning. Here you also need to ensure whether the faucets and plumbing lines are in good state or not. Take help of quality detergents to remove the grime form the tiles. The plug holes as well as the drainage systems should also be checked!

When it comes to end of lease cleaning in Port Melbourne then the residential over there prefer to hire a professional cleaning company. Such companies have a sole motive that is to secure your bond money. In getting a dedicated quote they aim at making every nook and corner of your house gleaming and shiny. You must look at their port folio as well as make a good note of their expertise and professionalism!

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The author has been extensively dealing in the end of lease cleaning. The author has a number of satisfied clients and so the author writes to share few tips about the same!