With the betterment of relationship between China and America as per the reports of the recent high profile meeting of the important delegates of the two countries, not only has the visa process gone easier but it has also increased the amount of visa application to a big extent. Keeping all these aspects in mind, the online visa agencies has been instrumental in making the visa procedure easier as well as affordable for the common mass. Thus, gone are the days when you had to wait and waste your valuable time in the long queue if your visa requirements were urgent. But with changes in time as well as intent of the people to explore things which they had not explored earlier, the online agencies have become more and more acceptable with every passing day. In addition to this, their services have also been equally good which has also been another pillar in securing the increase of their acceptability.

So, if you are located in the Bay area, you can now easily get access to your China visa and one can be rest assured that the visa process is much less complicated these days than ever before. Thus, if anyone is looking forward for their Chinese visa application San Francisco, the China visa service in San Francisco is always there to help you out. There are agencies present in this area who has been serving their clients for the last 20 years and all have been satisfied with their expedited services to say the least. What you need to know is that there are 4 types of visas available from the Bay area to China.

1.Tourist visa: - The requirements are simple with a copy each of your passport, passport photo, proof of travel, hotel conformations, and the application form. These needs to be complemented with other documents if, in case, you are accompanied by a minor. Documents are also required in case of either previous Chinese citizenship or Chinese visa. Once you are through you would have to decide on the type of service you require from standard, rush and priority service and pay accordingly.

2.Business visa: - All the requirements are same as above with the exception of business letters in invitation letters. The rest of the documents needs to be submitted along with previous Chinese citizenship and visa as well. Once more you can select from standard, rush and priority services.

3.Work visa: - Along with all general documents, the invitation letter plays a pivotal role in securing you your work visa to China from San Francisco. Remember that the standard services normally cost you $89 plus consular fees. For the rush service you need to pay $139 plus consular fees and for the priority services you have to pay $189 plus the consular fees.

4.Crew visa: - Once more along with all regular requirements, you need to provide your crew ID and the business letter in order to be eligible for this kind of visa. The services are the same with the standard service guaranteeing you delivery in 8-10 business days, rush service in 5-6 business days and priority service in 2-3 business days.

Most of the agencies are looking forward to all types of ways to reach out to more and more clients these days. There are agencies who unlike others have a provision for Spanish language for the people who are more comfortable with it than English keeping in mind the Latin population.

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