Golf swing speed can be calculated without the need for modern technology. If a golfer can determine exactly how far their golf ball traveled prior to landing, they can determine the speed of their swing. For every 2.3 yards traveled, a swing has to generate a speed of 1 mph.

For anyone who is wondering how useful it is to have this knowledge, they should consider that the only way to increase distance is to increase the speed of the swing. Measuring progress requires some kind of metrics by which measurements can be made.

The next logical question is, "How does one increase their golf club swing." The answer lies within the golfer's body and positioning. The only way to increase the speed of one's golf swing is to improve their strength, balance, and coordination.

Improving Strength
A golfer can't just walk into a gym, start lifting weights and expect to improve their golfing skills. They need to focus on exercises that will improve the strength of the muscles that are most relevant to the golf swing.

There are 22 primary muscles that get used in the typical golf swing. These muscles are located in the shoulders, wrists, lower-back, abdomen area, hips and thighs. If a golfer wants to increase club speed, they need to focus their workout on isometric exercises that will improve overall strength in these regions of the body. It usually doesn't require one to build muscle mass, but instead to focus on firming up and toning the most important muscles. Realistically, a golfer should work on all areas at the same time in order to keep the body in balance as overall strength improves.

Improving Balance
Improving balance is generally a function of improving one's stance and the development of a consistent tempo. The proper stance requires a golfer to be relaxed with the feet positioned shoulder length apart and their inside shoulder pointed at the target. From a proper stance, the golfer will be in the optimum position to start developing a consistent and reliable tempo. One of the reasons why instructors preach against over-swinging is because it throws the golfer's body completely out of balance, which translates to an inability to control the direction in which the ball is going to go.

Improving Coordination
A golfer's coordination is what allows them to get through the swinging process and make contact with the ball at precisely the right place on the golf club. A big part of improving one's coordination revolves around their ability to establish a consistent rhythm. With a consistent rhythm and proper balance, the golfer will have much more body control to get them from the backswing, into the downswing all the way through the follow through without mistakes.

Increasing golf swing speed has nothing to do with how hard someone swings a golf club. It's a function of using proper technique with the requisite amount of strength, balance and coordination to control the club, which will eventually allow the golfer to start ramping up the speed of their swing without losing accuracy.

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