One way to ruin your telemarketing campaign in Singapore is to earn the doubt or confusion of your prospects. And given the complexity of a sales lead generation campaign, it can be easily expected. Prospects are not the type that will trust you quickly, and a wrong introduction of your business can turn them away from you. In cases like these, it is best to look for professional help. And when it comes to help, it sure is a good idea to outsource to a professional telemarketing company.

They are quite the people who are skilled in generating sales leads. Of course, you need to be aware of things that you should never say to prospects. And these are:

1.Speaking in jargon – basically speaking, jargon are words that are cannot be easily understood by the other person on the phone. If you want to assure customers that you have their best interests at heart, then you should be using words, concepts, and phrases that can be easily understood by them. It is a simple gesture, but it means a great deal for prospects on the phone.

2.Giving overly long and complicated contracts – in the business world, simplicity is a gem. If you have to give prospects a business contract, then you should focus on simplifying the terms and conditions laid down. It must also be clear enough that it will be to the advantage of the prospect if they sign a contract with you. At least, from this point, you can put them at ease.

3.Using inside jokes – one sure way to irritate and add doubts in the minds of prospects (especially if there more than one person involved in the discussion) is the use of inside jokes or words that only you two sales representatives would understand. Being left out is certainly an unpleasant feeling that you will end up sending to the prospects listening to the two of you.

4.Explaining using complex scenarios – when you are using telemarketing as the communication medium, you need to be familiar the many scenarios that you can claim your service to be able to solve. Of course, if you want to be effective in generating sales leads, you need to be able to present it in the simplest terms as possible.

5.Acting like the devil’s advocate – when you try talking bad about your prospect’s business, it only shows that you are desperate to make a sale. Of course, if you want to convince prospects that you are the solution, you have to tell them what they are doing wrong. But if that is all you do, then you are actually driving them away. And that will practically make your work of gettingB2B leads even harder. You might as well be looking for that proverbial needle in the haystack.

Think about it, seriously. These are important points to consider in supporting your telemarketing campaign especially in Singapore market. You have to be serious in it, or you might make a mistake in the end.

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