I love Easter break. It is the right time of the year for me to have a well-deserved long weekend. I have worked hard for the last three months, since the Xmas break, so I really love the expectation of having a long weekend. It is only one week away so by now most people have decided what they want to do whether it is a trip or a family get together. Mine will be a rather mixed bag as I plan on doing absolutely nothing at all. Relaxing will be my main priority because as I am getting older by the minute I do need to recharge my batteries on any given Bank Holiday.

We are not a religious family, though I do understand Easter is an important time for those that are. The only single outing I have got planned is my daughters Easter egg hunt. She hosts it at her house every year, mainly because of her garden size. With a family of 5 adult children and 10 grandchildren it is a very busy day and very much a family day like we have at Xmas. It is one of the few times a year that we all get together. Our get together is on Easter Sunday and while the children enjoy searching the garden for eggs the adults enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in my daughter's conservatory. As it is all glass she has a Hunter ceiling fan that produces a gentle cooling breeze and it is just lovely to sit out there with my kids and catch up on what has been happening in all our lives.

Once the eggs are all discovered we have a barbeque with hotdogs, hamburgers and all the extras. It is a lovely day but obviously does depend on the weather. It has been so changeable of late that all we can do is cross our fingers then wait and see. Days like these make good memories which I find you can never have too many of, especially for the children. One day I won't be here and they will be able to think back to days like these and think fondly of me. Well that is the plan anyway!

For me personally apart from that one day I am looking forward to a four day weekend with no work just down time. All I want is a quiet, relaxing and hopefully very peaceful weekend break. I don't think that is too much to ask for because I work full time and work hard which is why I love to have a great Mother's Day followed by an Easter break then I look forward to two more long weekends in May. I can take days off from work but these Bank Holiday days are the best days because I have to have them off work so all the sweeter to me.

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As I am getting older the little things seem to please me more and more. I have a lifetime of memories but now concentrate on making new ones with my grandchildren and Easter is one of them. I enjoy writing my articles and hope people enjoy reading my experiences which I tell with a wee bit of my humour. Visit www.hunterfan.co.uk to see the many models that are on offer so you can have one like my daughter.