Might sound strange…but most of us are not accustomed to giving our brain a workout or much exercise.

This quick and simple exercise, boosts memory, improves concentration, and helps with clumsiness and emotional instability.

To learn more, watch the video called Super Brain Yoga, posted in my blog at http://littleresearchengine.com/2011/08/easy-exercise-to-increase-brain-....

This exercise shows real promise for those with Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, autism and anyone who would like to improve their brain power. It is also just as effective for young children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

In this video, a doctor, teacher, neurobiologist, occupational therapist, and parent discuss how the exercise

• Stimulates neural pathways via acupressure points in the earlobes
• Synchronizes the right and left side of the brain to promote calmness and improve brain function
• Sharpens intelligence in seniors, adolescents, parents and kids
• Helps those plagued with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, learning difficulties and behavioural problems
• Is quick and simple to do – takes just 1 to 3 minutes per day
• Benefits all age groups

Exercise Instructions

Avoid doing the exercise immediately after eating. Always make sure you wear comfortable clothing and remove any ear jewellery before beginning.

• Step One: Stand with your feet about shoulder distance apart, toes pointing forward.
• Step Two: Hold your right ear lobe between your left thumb and finger; with the thumb on the outside of the lobe.
• Step Three: Hold your left ear lobe between your right thumb and finger, again with your thumb on the outside of the lobe. You should now be holding both earlobes with your arms crossed over your chest, right arm on top.
• Step Four: Look directly ahead and start doing a body squat by slowly bending your knees and lowering your body toward the floor. Go as low as you comfortably can and then slowly raise yourself back to standing position. Exhale as you squat and inhale as you stand.
• Step Five: Repeat the squats for 1 to 3 minutes, or 14 – 21 times, while continuing to hold your earlobes.

For anyone unable to do the squats, you might try sitting in a chair and visualizing the squats, while still holding your earlobes. This works best if you actually see someone doing the squats in front of you.

This exercise only needs to be done once a day but if concentration diminishes, it can be repeated as often as desired. Results could be immediate or gradual, but generally concentration should increase within three weeks.

Some say the exercise is more effective if done while facing east (where the sun rises) with the tongue pressed firmly into the roof of the mouth.

This ancient oriental exercise is great for improving or restoring your memory. Seniors should try to perform it every day. It is also very highly recommended for those with autism.

So, what do you say?

Let’s try it! While improving your memory and brain power, you might also get that six-pack you’re all looking for…well maybe not but this is certainly worth a try. Without a doubt, everyone can benefit from improving their memory and brain power.

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