I have heard people say that there is no such thing as an "easy MLM". This is not necessarily true. Any MLM opportunity can be easy or hard depending on what strategy you use to achieve success. Ease of business is not dependent on your companies products or compensation plan, but what you do to achieve success in your business.

Easy MLM Success Step #1: Find and Use a Good System

One of the most difficult parts of setting up an MLM business is getting your marketing up and running in the first place. Many companies offer their own company replicated website that you can send people to when they are ready to get started, but you will still need to have your own websites that can be tweaked and changed as you find out what works. You also need a lead management system and a way to keep your business organized, you need autoresponders to follow up with your leads for you, and you will need up to date training so you can learn what marketing methods are working today. You can better leverage your time by getting tools that do the work for you. Remember you are trying to make things easy, so it is preferable to have only one or two tools to do all of the above.

Easy MLM Success Step #2: Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Circumstances

Let's face it, if you are starting an MLM it is because you are short on time or you are short on money. That means that every marketer typically either has time or money (but not always both!) to invest in their business. Decide if you can invest time or money and then devise a plan that utilizes marketing strategies that you need money for (i.e pay per click) or time for (i.e. article marketing). To make it easy on yourself you need to pick one marketing strategy that will work for you and then put on the blinders! Don't get tempted to start trying to do every marketing strategy at once. If you do something long enough and consistently enough you will become an expert and you will create results, if you change your marketing every week you will never establish one enough to see results. You will need to focus on just one or two strategies at the start and work on them consistently every day until you are successful. Then you can consider adding or changing strategies. Remember consistency is the key to creating results.

Easy MLM Success Step #3: Make it Easy for Your Team

Remember your long term success in an MLM business is not just about your efforts, it is also about the efforts of the people you recruit into your business. Handholding your team members through every step of their journey will not make your business easy, it will take up your time and you will become frustrated when your team members don't want to do things exactly the way you did them. You also don't want to leave them to fend for themselves as if they can't figure things out they will simply quit your business. Again, you need to leverage your time by providing your team members with tools and training that sets them up for success. Show them the marketing tools you picked for yourself in step one. Give them some advice about how to choose their own marketing strategy and then check in to ensure they are putting in consistent and focused effort into their one chosen strategy.

While it is true that you will need to put in work to achieve success in your business, the work does not have to be hard! The simpler you keep things the easier it will be for you and for your team to achieve the results you've been looking for.

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