Storage of products for retailers can be a serious challenge. Additionally, small manufacturing firms can struggle to find space for raw goods. All of your products will need to be tagged before storage for easy picking. Finally, transport can be expensive and time-consuming to coordinate.

Inventory Tracking

If you're warehousing a product before sending it to your clients, it's critical that your inventory tracking process includes a check-in step to confirm items were received in good shape before sending them on to your clients. To create a check-in step, you may need to customize your storage software to include file storage for photographs. You can note any damage to the packaging, the condition of the product inside the package, correspondence with the manufacturer, and photographs of both the item and the storage location inside the warehouse. This data, once created, can be copied or transferred to the client file when you ship the item.

Combine Delivery and Storage in One Vendor

Rather than using a third party shipper for large or fragile items, consider working with a custom delivery company that can receive, check-in, store, deliver and install a product at the buyer's location. Services such as white glove storage, offer delivery services that stretch far beyond a box left on your delivery dock.

Make sure that your storage and delivery partner

  • offers storage facilities in multiple cities
  • employs bonded delivery and installation professionals
  • offers the necessary insurance to protect your product both in house and on the road
  • offers custom crating

Robust Electronic Filing System

Your delivery service team will likely have their own electronic filing system to help them manage your product and that of other companies needing custom delivery needs. To that end, carefully review their system to confirm that the data you're getting from your shipper reflects your numbers, not theirs.

Another item to check is to confirm that they use local delivery drivers. Depending on the location of your high-end deliveries, the transport requirements may be extreme. Delivery professionals will need to work with building supers and deal with traffic challenges that could get extreme. A skilled driver that knows their way around can save a great deal of time and lessen the risk of theft or damage during the delivery step.

Ideas for More Space In Your Office

If you've got a showroom, you'll need a workspace in that area. While it will need to function fully, it will also need to be extremely neat. A laptop on a table can suffice for staff to review product availability and delivery options, but you will need file storage in that location as well. For example, if you're selling furniture, your employees will need a spot to keep promotional materials. Your design team will need a place to track pieces that are under construction, out for updates and repairs, or on their way to the client.

A clever way to hide files and the necessary office supplies is an office in a chest. Hanging file folders, a bulletin or magnetized display board, and an office supply tray can be easily accessed, all in one storage tool. When closed up, it can be a striking piece of furniture or even serve as extra seating.

Divider Walls

If your office is a bit more open and you have a retail component, you may want to install divider walls to keep customers from being visually distracted by the work on site. Again, when considering the furniture business, we must remember that creative folks come with a lot of gear. If you've got designers working in your space and they need room to spread out, don't cramp their style to keep things neat. Unless clutter is getting in the way of production, install simple visual barriers, such as folding screens, to keep visual mess to a minimum and to keep great ideas flowing.

In the world of one day delivery, it's critical that your product is delivered quickly, without damage, and at the convenience of your client. Working with a team of delivery professionals who can manage the high-end product you need to move are critical to your success.

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