1.) The Key to Losing Weight-Drink Water!

Water is life! A human body can only go for about 3 days without before it starts to shut down. So drink water. It is one of the secrets to losing weight and being healthy. Each day, drink 8 glasses of water or more to keep your body hydrated.

2.) Eat More to Lose Weight

Growing up, we would hear that we need to eat 3 meals a day to be healthy and active. That was back then. Today, Health experts have advised that we need to eat at least 6 small meals to keep your metabolism burning.

3.) Add Some Resistance Training to Your Weight Loss Program.

Choose workout program that have some type of resistance program. When you pack on the lean muscle (not bulkiness), your body will became a fat burning furnace and you will be in the best shape of your life!

4.) Eat Protein Every day!

Consuming protein is two-fold. Some people will eat foods that are high in protein to build muscles for athletic events and weight lifting competitions. But if you are in it to lose weight, protein is a very powerful ally. It will keep you full and it will also burn calories and the extra weight.

5.) Be Wise on How You Cut the Calories

This is one important tip that I am going to give you that will help you lose weight quickly. Don't cut your calories in huge amounts. Doing this will send your body into survival mode and it will mess up your metabolism. What I would suggest that you should stay within the 1200 to 800 calories limit to lose weight quickly. This way you will still have energy to make it throughout the day.

6.) Give Yourself Plenty of Rewards For Your Accomplishments.

Exercising is no small matter. What is one image that comes to your mind after when Rocky (played by Sylvester Stallone) completes his training? He is celebrating a major accomplishment that he has completed before a major fight. When you start your own exercise program, set a reward system that will make you feel good throughout and when you finish your workout program.

7.) Establish Breaks in Your Workout Routine

Some people think that they are Superman or Supergirl when they exercise the whole entire day without stopping. This is very counterproductive and can do more harm to your body that good. Plan an intensive workout program in the morning, rest and eat healthy so that your body can refuel. Most people will call it a day after one workout, it is OK to work out in the evening so as long you give your body a rest during the day.

8.) Don't Do The Same Boring Routine

Add a little spice to your workout routines that will keep you wanting for some more. If you keep your same exercise routine every day, you will get burned out and the desire to workout will no longer be there. Do something different each day that will challenge your body. If your decide to go jogging one day, come up with a different exercise routine such as swimming, playing basketball, jump roping or hiking. I have come up with the conclusion why many of the Team Beachbody products have become so successful, it is because there exercise programs are never the same.

9.) You Can Scratch Happy Hour From Off of Your List

This section will come as a big blow to college spring breakers and to those who drink alcohol but if you want to get in shape and life a long and happy life: Stay Away From Alcohol!

If it is your desire to burn calories and lose weight quickly, don't drink any types of liquids that contain alcohol, because it is rich in calories (don't fall for the gimmicks where alcohol companies say they have invented low or no calorie drinks, it is not true!), the bad type of carbohydrates and it is loaded with sugars. Drinking alcoholic beverages contain no nutrients that your body needs to survive on and plus, it sends messages to your body to store the fat instead of burning it.

10.) Start a low Glycemic Diet Program

Another way to burn fat quickly and efficiently is to establish a low Glycemic Index diet. The nutritional value in these foods is off the charts and when you eat foods that are high in quality, you will burn calories at an astounding rate. The following items that are included in the low Glycemic Index diet are as follows:

1. Vegetables
2. Meats that is high in protein
3. Fruits
4. Dairy
5. Grains

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