Real estate market is one of the biggest in the USA. With the constant increase in population, there is a constant increase in demand of available property.
According to research 93% of the population looks to the internet for solution of their problems. Real estate is no different.

Online market has become an essential part of today's real estate. Craigslist is one such lead generating website. As of right now, it is the 14th biggest traffic website in USA according to Alexa.

Craigslist is a classified ad posting site where you can buy, sell or lease property. It is quite easy to use and generate good leads.

4 Easy Steps to Generate Real Estate Leads using Craigslist:

1. Access available Property in your Area:
The first step is to get access of all available properties in your area.
You can easily get this using IDX. IDX is a system that allows you to view all properties set up for sale, lease or buying.
Create an account as a broker and voila! You have the properties in front of you.

2. Create Attractive Ads:
•Create captivating titles. Your title matter the most in an ad. Eye catching titles make sure that people will open it at least once to see what it offers.
•Use keywords. They are your ad's life line. They are the specific words people use to search for what they want. Make sure to place the right keywords in you title and content and your ad will flourish.
•Keep your description to the point. Lengthy content bores people. They want details that can be read quickly. Enter all the important and attractive features to pull customers.
•Use alluring pictures. They make your ads more appealing. Customers are likely to open ads that give them a visual of exactly what you are offering. So make sure to add pictures with the best angle of your property.
•Don't forget to add your link. Be sure to add your contact information. Add your phone and e-mail address for best results.

3. Advertise Them on Craigslist:
Congratulations! You have successfully created appealing ad. Now its time to post them online.
Creating an ad on craigslist is quite easy and free.
Create a free account and enter the details of the ad in the correct category. Use the right category or else your ad might flag.
Once you have done that, click post and enter the listing in the form. Your ad is now online and available.

4. Posting and Renew ads:
To obtain maximum leads, keep posting & renew your ad throughout the day.
Posting helps your ad to stay on top, so it should be one of the first ads a customer’s sees.
If your ad expires, you can renew your ad and post it again. Renewing your post requires little bit changes in the ads and nothing complex.

It is fairly easy to do. You can use the steps mentioned above and get a good amount of leads.

You can also either do this yourself or you can hire a cheap craigslist posting service to do it for you. Hiring a posting service will ensure that you can focus on the leads you get and not on advertisement.

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