The kitchen is one of the most used places in our houses that has the most bacteria and needs to be cleaned almost every day.

This is due to keeping food, making food, storing garbage, and doing the dishes all in one space! Almost every kitchen will also house a washing machine, which needs a clean itself, as ironic as that sounds. Now, that’s a lot of cleaning that needs doing.

Of course, a deep clean by a professional cleaning service is your best option to get all the nasties out, but you can’t rely on help every day of the week. Here are some tips to keep your kitchen clean in between deep cleans, that will leave you and your family safe, protected, and in tip-top hygiene space.

It is always best to clean your oven/cooker, pots, and dishes right after you’ve made and had your dinner. This way you are not accumulating dirty things and aren’t providing a breeding space for bacteria. After you’re done cleaning, you can always leave your dishes to air-dry or simply dry them with a clean dry cloth and store them in cupboards away from bacteria exposure. The next best thing, which is personally our favorite, is wiping down your counters. We see Dettol spray and cloth as the best example for a germ-free, fresh-smelling kitchen!
Once you start wiping down one surface of your marble tops, you won’t be able to stop and end up with a sparkling kitchen!

The back, bottom and top areas behind your kitchen appliances are almost always missed when cleaning. Don’t forget to dust, and mop underneath your fridge, washing machine, dishwashing machine, oven/cooker, and anything that leaves space between the floor and the item! Sneaky oil spills and even bits of food are also always hiding underneath your appliances and dust and any residue that may fly in the air and end up in those tricky to reach places.

Did you know you need to deep clean your fridge too? When we think of kitchen cleaning in Dubai, it often misses our checklists, but the fridge is yet another place that is favored by bacteria. Think of all the jars and pots you keep in the back of your fridge that you may have forgotten about. Every month, clean out your entire fridge, give it a good clean, check for expired jars, and place a fridge deodorizer to prevent smells and keep your fridge in check.

Always remember to wash your hands before and after making food or cleaning your kitchen! Don’t forget about the most touched items in your kitchen too: these are cupboard and door handles, light switches, fridge and faucet handles, and bins. Always make sure to disinfect these items at least once a day.

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