American Dollars or USD is the strongest currency in the world. It is also one of the most traded currencies. Currency exchange is common for foreign trade, education and traveling. If you need to buy USD, then you can convert USD to INR. Earlier there weren't many options available for foreign exchange, but today there are options that'll help you in conversion.

Banks offer to convert USD to INR, but they do not offer you updated Forex rates. USD to INR buying rate may change with economic factors, but Banks offer a similar rate for exchange. Moneychangers also offer you easy conversion but again you have to pay a price for exchange.

Most people still head to Banks to convert USD to INR, though banks offer a safe procedure for exchange. What they do not offer is the exchange rate fluctuation benefit. Most online Forex sites today offer you rate benefits.

Forex rates change according to global economic conditions. Banks offer you a rate that is fixed so you do not get the benefit of fluctuating rates. Also, Banks offer you fees for the exchange. You may have to shell out extra for the exchange of currency from Banks.

Convert USD to INR through online sites
Online Forex sites offer you the best features for currency exchange and conversion. A site like offers you lowest Dollar to INR Exchange rate. The rates are updated according to live feed. The site provides you a rate card for exchange so you'll know what is the USD buying rate today. It's easier if the process is transparent, you'll avail the benefit of best rate conversion.

When the rates are updated every three seconds, you'll be able to lock in a rate that is feasible for conversion. The foreign exchange process from the site will help you save your time and money both. The best part is you'll be able to freeze a rate you need for conversion. If you lock in a rate on the first day, you'll be able to convert USD to INR at a similar rate after three days. There are no hidden charges on rate conversion and the process is simple. also lets you set rate alerts for conversion. When a particular rate matches your desired rate alert, you'll receive a notification from the site regarding the same, you can convert your currency on the said rate.

Convert USD to INR - The Process
With, you'll be able to buy USD sitting at your home. You don't have to go to money changers or Banks for conversion, just log on to the site and choose currency conversion USD to INR. The site offers you more than 29 different currencies for exchange. Then enter the amount you need to convert.

You'll need to upload the KYC documents including your Visa and Pan card. You'll also need to give your passport details to buy USD. After you select the foreign exchange rate for conversion, head to make payment. After the payment is made, you'll get an option of home delivery. Without any hassle, the currency will be delivered at your home. The process is easier than you think. You do not have to worry about Forex exchange anymore.

The other ways, offers you other conversion options as well. You can load your foreign currency into a Forex card for easy payment. If you need to buy USD, simply load the Dollars you buy into a Forex card. The Forex card can be used anywhere with the amount you load.
You also have the option of reloading the card with a nominal fee. Then you have a traveler's cheque that is pre-printed and offers a fixed amount of currency of that place.

Convert currency according to the USD to INR buying rate. If you need to make an emergency remittance, then an online site like offers you the best deals on conversion and exchange. In the process, you'll save your money as well. Online sites offer you flexibility and comfort for foreign exchange.

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