If you have an upcoming party, you might be thinking of a fancy finger food that would appeal to everyone. For children’s party, baby showers or any other gathering, a sweet dessert is always a big hit. Such food item with a rich taste would complete a heavy main course. You may consider serving some cake for the party, which your guests would definitely love.

You can put a twist to the usual kind of cake that you have for dessert. In fact, you can come up with a smaller version of these rich and creamy treats. Cake balls are truly ideal for such parties because these are easy to eat. Your guest will love the fact that these food items come with a nice paper cup so they can eat the cake without any mess. Moreover, the lovely appearance of these ball-shaped cakes adds to the overall appeal of the delicious treats.

Check out this easy recipe for cake balls. You can prepare about three dozen of these in only a few minutes. Thus, you will definitely have a blast making this food item because of the convenience. For this recipe, you must have these ingredients to make the perfect cake balls.

Yellow or white cake mix, 18.25 oz. package
Chocolate-flavored cake frosting, 16 oz.
Chocolate coating bar, 6 oz.
A bag of candy sprinkles
As for the tools for this recipe, be sure to have these with you:
50 paper muffin cups
Rectangular cake pan (9 x 13-inch)
Mixing bowl
Big metal spoon or melon baller
Wax paper or aluminum foil
Two pieces of baking sheets
Cling wrap
Microwaveable container or bowl
Electric mixer

Cooking Procedure:
Prepare the cake mix by following the instructions indicated in the package. After baking, allot at least 30 minutes to let the cool cake completely. Then, put the cake inside a mixing bowl. Crumble the cake with your hands or with the use of an electric mixer. Be sure that you have already crushed the cake well.
Pour the chocolate frosting inside the bowl to moisten the cake a bit. Continue mixing the cake until it has become smooth and free from lumps. Refrigerate the cake mixture to make it firm. You can keep it in the refrigerator for three hours or overnight.

Meanwhile, prepare the baking sheets by covering it these with wax paper or aluminum foil. Then, remove the cake mixture from the refrigerator and use a baller to form small balls with it. As you form each cake, place it on the baking sheet. Freeze the cake balls for an hour to keep them firm and set.

Take the chocolate coating from the package and put it in a microwave-safe container. Set the microwave into 30 seconds and melt the coating. Afterwards, stir the coating until it has melted completely. Dip the balls of cake in the chocolate coating. You may use a toothpick to hold the cake for more ease in covering it with chocolate. Then, sprinkles some chopped nuts or candy sprinkles all over the cake.

Use the paper cups to put the cake balls in. Refrigerate once again and serve cold.

You will definitely find it easy to make these cake balls because of the simple cooking procedure. Try this recipe now and have fun preparing this delectable tasty treat.
Fabulous and Simple Cake Balls Recipe

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