Urgent travel needs might come up for any individual at any point of time. And such needs are mostly for business and professional travel plans. When the travel is scheduled for international destinations, having a passport becomes mandatory. Without a valid passport, entry into another country will be prohibited. It is on this very passport that visa stamps and permit stamps are affixed. Among the different passports of the world, the US passport is considered as the most powerful one. It is possible to travel to more than 150 countries with this passport.

Getting passport in a hurry

Are you worried about getting a new passport or looking for renewal of the existing passport within a short span of time? Do not worry as there is process of getting an emergency passport Miami along with getting quick renewal. It is possible to get same day passport if you are in real hurry. This facility is not only available with the State Department, but also from the various passport agencies, which offer services regarding various passport issues. Just make sure that the passport agency Miami is not a shady one and is reputed and established. In order to get the passport within this short span of time, you will have to pay extra charges.

Making the passport application stand out

When you need passport in a hurry, you have to make the agency or the State Department know that. The passport application should stand out from the rest. Mark the envelop with the word ‘EXPEDITE’ in bold, capital letters so that it draws attraction of the professionals at the passport processing center. Such envelops are sorted and sent to the facility so that quick work can be done on these.

Paying extra charges for getting passport on emergency basis

Along with making the passport application envelop prominent, additional fee has to be paid for expedite passport service too. Almost $60-$100 needs to be paid more for expedite passport service. By paying such a fee, the passport will be delivered within 24-48 hours. There are many passport agencies which might charge slightly more for the services and get the passport done within few hours. When you are in an emergency situation and need the passport at the earliest, there is no other way than resorting to such services.

Submission of documents should be perfect

Whether you are looking for expedite passport renewal Miami or getting a new passport on emergency basis, you have to fill up the application form properly with no errors of any kind. Along with this, you need to submit proper documents and photographs for processing of the passport. In case there are discrepancies in the documents, it might lead to the cancellation of the application and even a passport agency cannot be of any help. The end result will be delay in passport processing. Hence ensure that all documents and photographs are in place and as per the rules and regulations of the US State Department. If you have any doubts regarding the rules and regulations, check the same on the website of the US State Department.

There are many passport agencies spread across Miami. However, all of them are not reliable and trusted. They might take extra charges and not be able to deliver on time. Take some time and look for the best passport agency in Miami for expedite passport services.

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